specialisation of member
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specialisation of member
I suggest that we establish a database for specialisation of members in civilea (of which i already tried to do in introduce section but not very well received). Thus, would like to seek Admin or moderator help to realise it.

Reason for the suggestion, i would feel that there a lot of really experienced engineer with deep interest in certain field. We will know exactly who we shuld refer to if the need arise (of cos, the 'expert' members have no obligation to response). A simple answer/advise from them can save us a long time from looking at books.

And i can see most of the members (those has hinted and identified themselves) are in building industry. Even myself. Longing to learn from some expert geotechnical, hydrology, geology, highway, etc engineers.

Hope by this, admin and the moderators can introduce something so that these experts will identify themselves. and i am pretty sure that they will response if their fellow in civilea need their brief answer or some valuable advice.

concrete solution advocate
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any suggestion about this idea?
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Maybe we can start putting that information in the name,
below the name or above the "Posts: 000".

At least with that other users will know the specialty of users.

I dont know if this is possible Admin.

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This can also be displayed on profile page... also some other minor info about previous work
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