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New in CivilEA
New Software Division,
in "Software Product" post only software links.
in "Software Problems" Post only problems related to installation, bugs, not working fine,... we notice you scientific problem must be solved in problem section @ "civil engineering discussion" category....

feel free to give us any idea about CivilEA

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Released ....

[Image: 38578017437750309863.jpg]
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Profile Comments updated:
  • You can select who can comment on your profile: Anyone, only your friends, or nobody
  • You can choose if you want to receive an email when you receive a new comment on your profile
  • A nice cool alert bar appears if you have a new comment
  • Send comments via AJAX
  • Comments supports BBCodes! You can even use the BBCode editor!
  • Show comments statistics on user profile
  • Close comments on banned users
  • Confirm action before deleting comments

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A hardware upgrade/replacement is underway on our server.

The data transfer from this server is causing slowness to websites hosted and will remain like this until the transfer complete in approx 18 hours from now.

Updated Sun 20 Feb. 18:11 GMT
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Hello Dear users;

after 5 days we come back again...
we have serious issue in our database, thus we lose some data. after hardworking we can rescue most of them, lucky we could restore all important user information & also all data of our site, we lose only points data Sad.
we did some important upgrade here, we disable some useless tolls to improve speed & performance, we optimized forum`s database for reach higher speed. we works 5x24h for improve site...

please report HERE us any bug that you see to fix it.

some most important change are listed below:

  1. My Support Function is start, in problem topic (Software & Ebook) & also Q&A section you have tools that you can pursuit your problem, chose best answer to help others that have same problem to find best answer, you can mark topic as solved ... we describe this useful tools later ...

  2. A professional logo designer is working to design CivilEA logo.

  3. Post Generator V2 now works with IE. (V2.1 Released)

  4. Profile Comments Back Again.

    And More ...
    To Be continued

Don`t forget Donate US Cutesmile

[Image: btn_donateCC_LG.gif]

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because of database issue, we disable some feature on forum temporary, after solving problem features come back... (within 1-2 days)
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22 April 2011
  • Profile Comments Backed. [More Info]
  • Points system backed, but all points recounted, thus your new point count may be difference with old one.
  • Medals Backed Again. [More Info]
  • Favorite Thread Backed [More Info]
  • Country Flags must be defined again [More Info ]
  • Users` color has a little revised.
  • Give ability to all users to edit own post up to 30 Minutes.After you send new post, if you see you have false, you have time to edit it, moderators warn to false posts after 30Min.
  • Mobile template added temporary [BETA].
  • Major security improve

Please fell free to tell us any suggestion HERE.
I ask you if you have any errors or bugs, tell us HERE.

Best Wishes
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3 May 2011
  • New Post_bit Pop-up Menu installed.By clicking username in each post you see new menu

[Image: 44203860801585684918.png]


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unfortunately our host suspended our database without any warning because of high cpu usage (more than 200% Laugh).
they force us to migrate to VPS (Virtual Personal Server) that more than 5X shared host that we use it.
maintenance of VPS is very difficult & need linux & network expert/
we did 96hours non-stop work to make online forum.

new VPS it seems slower than recent host, this is natural, because in shared host we used all resource in shared host thus our database suspended. but VPS is more safe & stable. we hope we have no DC in future, we are working to increase speed, next level for upgrade is dedicated server that start from 200$/m, only for server. if needed we`ll upgrade.

please tell us any bug in this topic:
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we apologize you for recent issue that down our site.

MohsenG (Admin)

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