Share your Staad Knowlegde
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Share your Staad Knowlegde
For all Staad Users:
Staad Pro is one of the premier structural software used world wide.
Share your experiences, Techinical data, the do and don'ts, Tips, tricks, shortcuts or even Models etc. that you feel proud of. I hope this will help all of us by learning from each other.

"Dynamic" waiting for your Reply :)

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@Insanity01 : Would you start from your self..? I think it will mobilize others..
We will waiting for you.. ;)
Better you can upload your project and discuss together with forum.

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(08-01-2009, 06:15 AM)robertsas Wrote: @Insanity01 : Would you start from your self..? I think it will mobilize others..
We will waiting for you.. ;)
Better you can upload your project and discuss together with forum.


Dear Robertsas,

I would have ... if i was an expert in it... to make it more clear, i have only limited experience in Staad that is why i started this thread so that i and people like me may be benifited by experienced people like you SIR....


cite the problems you encountered using staadpro and we can start from there.

1. Recently I am trying to model a 80ft Concrete Stack. The model generator has a template but not to my use even i try to edit it. The geometry is a little complex for me. It has a bottom dia of 30 ft changing into bottle neck at a distance of 33 ft the dia is 15 ft. this remains constant upto the ht of 60 ft then again the dia of chimney increase to 22 ft. Now i am puzzeled how to model this...

2. Previously i designed a concrete building and a steel strucutre seperatrely. the strucure was to be errected on top of the building so i used the support reaction of the steel structure and assigned them at the connection points but the client insitted that i place the steel structure on top of the concrete building and run the combine analysis and design. When i imported the steel model to concrete all section properties, loads every thing is assigned were gone .... I had to do everything again.... MY QUESTION IS :
Is there any way to import without losing these things?
Staad do not design concrete and steel combined.. so i designed both of them seperately.... IS it OK?
Hi Insanity,

I am not really an expert user of STAAD.Pro but still I will try help.. :D

1. For complicated structures, I usually used AutoCAD for the geometry then import it to STAAD.Pro after then I proceed assigning geometry, loading etc.

Using Structure Wizard of STAAD, maybe you can use the cylindrical surface option under Surface/Plate models. Separate the whole structure into 3 and then combine the geometry afterward. I don't know if this will work, I haven't tried this yet.

2. You can design combined concrete and steel structures just like steel trusses setting on the top of a concrete building. I suggest modeling them both, separately and combined, compare, then considered the one with critical results.

STAAD.Pro has not yet the facility to combined 2 different structures especially if the two structures have lot of entities and members. You will lost geometry, loading etc and oftentimes the program will crush. The copy and paste method will work for simple structures with few members only.
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@ Insanity:

For Combining two seperate files first renumber the members and nodes of the structure u intend on importing. than copy the data from input file and paste them in their respective headers. I guess you will have to do some work in input file but will save a lot of time assigning every thing again.
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I have modeled a 70 m high preheater building on Staad. The base upto first story was concrete. Then upto to top it was steel flooring and steel everything. Due to the nature and slenderness of the building we used lateral bracing. I modeled them simentaneously and used the changed command to activate and deactivate bracing members and afterfinalizing the steel members added the concrete design in the last segment. All done through a single input file.

If you are trying to combine two or more models of the same structure, remeber two things. First origion should be same in all parts of models. No 2 number the frames/ elements in each model so that they donot overlap. For this purpose you can leave gaps between your numbering. It is okay with Staad. After completing geometry, property, material, loading assignmrnts. Simply open the any one file in Staad. Go to Input editor. Open the the other input files in Notepad or Wordpad and simply copy paste your data. This way, since the origion was same. you will get all your data in one piece. Save the file and return to dispaly window your full structure should be shown now. Select the whole structure joints, goto tools menu and click connect. This will delete any duplicate joints.

Hope this help. If you want further clarifications. Post it and I will try to reply. I am an structural engineer from Pakistan and have been using Staad for the last 14 years.
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actualy i had used staad.Pro 5 years ago, it is perfect software, but hight building i think use ETABS is better. my skype:
i left Staad a long time ago. GSA better at handling and sorting output/results. but i can share some thoughts and maybe Staad technology/new versions is much improved now.
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