CSI SAP2000 V10
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CSI SAP2000 V10
SAP2000 V10.0.2

[Image: a2.jpg]

SAP2000 V10.0.2 Advanced
Year: 2005
Size: 450 MM

Computers & Engineering is pleased to announce the release of Computer and Structures, Inc 's SAP2000 Version 10. The new features that are being released in this version are listed below.

There are also five specialty add-on modules to the Advanced Level of SAP2000, namely, the Object-Based Bridge Design Module, the Staged Construction Module, the Offshore/Wave Module and the SASSI (Soil Structure Interaction) Interface Module. These modules need additional licensing.


Numerous enhancements have been made in the analysis to increase efficiency and minimize memory usage. New analysis features added include:
New Solver

* Added alternate solver for extremely efficient runtimes and storage utilization

New Eigen Solver

* Added alternate Eigen solver for efficient solution of systems with large variations in stiffness and mass properties

New Elements

* Added Line and Surface Multi-linear springs (P-y curves)
* Added Layered Shell



* Area loads on Frames
* Automatic creation of various direction wind loadings for ASCE 7-02

Bridge Modeling

* Improved Bridge Modeler for Steel Bridges

Pushover Analysis

* Added FEMA 356 Hinges
* Added Force Controlled Hinges
* Added Caltrans Column Section Hinges
* Added Fiber Hinges


* Added support for ProSteel
* Added support for Tekla and ArchiCAD through IFC


OpenGL Graphics

* Fast OpenGL graphics now available for drawing and display windows

Pushover Display

* Improved Pushover Hinge Results Display
* Added ATC 55/FEMA 440 support

Concrete Shell Design

* Display showing required rebar intensity and maximum concrete stress


Concrete Frame Design

* Updated to ACI 318-05

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Note: It is an outdated version but I think someone from the forum will be useful. Besides what stole the original CD and the crack works great. No comment as to overwrite the file. Exe, replace it with Dlls is more than enough.
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