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Engineering Structures , Journal
Engineering Structures , Journal
Volume 32, Issue 8, Pages 1957-2133
August 2010

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Engineering Structures provides a forum for a broad blend of scientific and technical papers to reflect the evolving needs of the structural engineering and structural mechanics communities.

part 1, 2 - 17

2 Compressive behaviour of FRP-confined square concrete columns after creep Original Research Article
Pages 1957-1963
Dian Jie Zhang, Yuan Feng Wang, Yi Shuo Ma

3 Extended cracked membrane model for the analysis of RC panels Original Research Article
Pages 1964-1975
Mário Pimentel, Eugen Brüwhiler, Joaquim Figueiras

4 Experimental evaluation of the structural response of Perfobond shear connectors Original Research Article
Pages 1976-1985
J.P.S. Cândido-Martins, L.F. Costa-Neves, P.C.G. da S. Vellasco

5 Tridimensional modelization of the impact of a vehicle against a metallic parking column at a low speed Original Research Article
Pages 1986-1992
B. Ferrer, S. Ivorra, E. Segovia, R. Irles

6 Development of a long-term monitoring system based on FBG sensors applied to concrete bridges Original Research Article
Pages 1993-2002
Carlos Rodrigues, Carlos Félix, Armindo Lage, Joaquim Figueiras

7 Ambient vibration re-testing and operational modal analysis of the Humber Bridge Original Research Article
Pages 2003-2018
J.M.W. Brownjohn, Filipe Magalhaes, Elsa Caetano, Alvaro Cunha

8 Methods of enforcing earthquake base motions in seismic analysis of structures Original Research Article
Pages 2019-2033
Yuxin Liu, Zhitao Lu

9 I-beam to box–column connection by a vertical plate passing through the column Original Research Article
Pages 2034-2048
Seyed Rasoul Mirghaderi, Shahabeddin Torabian, Farhad Keshavarzi

10 Vulnerability assessment of single-pylon cable-stayed bridges using plastic limit analysis Original Research Article
Pages 2049-2056
D. Yan, C.C. Chang

11 Optimal three-dimensional strut-and-tie models for anchorage diaphragms in externally prestressed bridges Original Research Article
Pages 2057-2064
Zhi-Qi He, Zhao Liu

12 Concrete welding using steel fibers Original Research Article
Pages 2065-2073
Samer A. Barakat, Salah Altoubat

13 Statistics of inelastic responses of hysteretic systems under bidirectional seismic excitations Original Research Article
Pages 2074-2086
C.S. Lee, H.P. Hong

14 Finite element study of steel single angle beam–columns Original Research Article
Pages 2087-2095
Yi Liu, Linbo Hui

15 Modeling and seismic response of structures with concrete rocking columns and viscous dampers Original Research Article
Pages 2096-2107
Hwasung Roh, Andrei M. Reinhorn

16 Subassemblage tests and finite element analyses of sandwiched buckling-restrained braces Original Research Article
Pages 2108-2121
Chung-Che Chou, Sheng-Yang Chen

17 Seismic response analysis of adjacent buildings connected with MR dampers Original Research Article
Pages 2122-2133
S.D. Bharti, S.M. Dumne, M.K. Shrimali


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Engineering Structures, August 2010, Part 2, Pages 2134-2317

[Image: info.png]
18- Failure characteristics of FRP-strengthened masonry walls under out-of-plane loads Original Research Article
Pages 2134-2145
E. Hamed, O. Rabinovitch

19- An integrated design technique of advanced linear-mode-shape method and serviceability drift optimization for tall buildings with lateral–torsional modes Original Research Article
Pages 2146-2156
M.F. Huang, K.T. Tse, C.M. Chan, K.C.S. Kwok, P.A. Hitchcock, W.J. Lou, G. Li

20- Elastic lateral-torsional buckling strength of I-girder with trapezoidal web corrugations using a new warping constant under uniform moment Original Research Article
Pages 2157-2165
Ngoc Duong Nguyen, Sung Nam Kim, Seung-Ryong Han, Young-Jong Kang

21- Non-stationary random vibration of bridges under vehicles with variable speed Original Research Article
Pages 2166-2174
Xinfeng Yin, Zhi Fang, C.S. Cai, Lu Deng

22- Vertical geometric irregularity in stepped building frames Original Research Article
Pages 2175-2182
Pradip Sarkar, A. Meher Prasad, Devdas Menon

23- Influence of structural properties and hazard level on seismic loss estimation for light-frame wood structures Original Research Article
Pages 2183-2191
S. Pei, J.W. van de Lindt

24- Seismic assessment of an existing non-seismically designed major bridge-abutment–foundation system Original Research Article
Pages 2192-2209
Aman Mwafy, Oh-Sung Kwon, Amr Elnashai

25- Effect of casting method and shear span-to-depth ratio on the behaviour of Ultra-High Performance Concrete cross arms for high voltage transmission lines Original Research Article
Pages 2210-2220
Raafat El-Hacha, Hani Abdelazeem, Ignacio Cariaga

26- Structural damage detection from coupling forces between substructures under support excitation Original Research Article
Pages 2221-2228
S.S. Law, K. Zhang, Z.D. Duan

27- Acceleration trajectory tracking control for earthquake simulators Original Research Article
Pages 2229-2236
Narutoshi Nakata

28- Experimental and analytical investigation of bridge timber piles under eccentric loads Original Research Article
Pages 2237-2246
Daniel J. Borello, Bassem Andrawes, Jerome F. Hajjar, Scott M. Olson, James Hansen

29- Numerical analysis method for long-term behavior of integral abutment bridges Original Research Article
Pages 2247-2257
WooSeok Kim, Jeffrey A. Laman

30- Shape optimization of metallic yielding devices for passive mitigation of seismic energy Original Research Article
Pages 2258-2267
Kazem Ghabraie, Ricky Chan, Xiaodong Huang, Yi Min Xie

31- Monotonic axial behavior and modelling of RC circular columns confined with CFRP Original Research Article
Pages 2268-2277
Carlos Chastre, Manuel A.G. Silva

32- Experimental research on square steel tubular columns filled with steel-reinforced self-consolidating high-strength concrete under axial load Original Research Article
Pages 2278-2286
Meichun Zhu, Jianxin Liu, Qingxiang Wang, Xiufeng Feng

33- On the multi-scale computation of un-bonded flexible risers Original Research Article
Pages 2287-2299
A. Bahtui, G. Alfano, H. Bahai, S.A. Hosseini-Kordkheili

34- Obtaining optimal performance with reinforcement-free concrete highway bridge decks Original Research Article
Pages 2300-2309
Han-Ug Bae, Michael G. Oliva, Lawrence C. Bank

35- A numerical method to quantify differential axial shortening in concrete buildings Original Research Article
Pages 2310-2317
Praveen Moragaspitiya, David Thambiratnam, Nimal Perera, Tommy Chan

Part 2, 22 Mb

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Volume 32, Issue 9, Pages 2505-2994 (September 2010)

Size: 74.3 MB | Format: PDF

[Image: info.png]

1.Editorial Board
2.Strength and initial stiffness of a blind-bolt connection based on the T-stub model
Pages 2505-2517
Z.Y. Wang, W. Tizani, Q.Y. Wang
3.Development of corrosion-free concrete beam–column joint with adequate seismic energy dissipation
Pages 2518-2528
M. Nehdi, M. Shahria Alam, M.A. Youssef
4.Shear strength of beam–column joint with enlarged joint area
Pages 2529-2545
Amorn Pimanmas, Preeda Chaimahawan
5.Progressive finite element model calibration of a long-span suspension bridge based on ambient vibration and static measurements
Pages 2546-2556
Hao Wang, Ai-qun Li, Jian Li
6.Finite element modeling and analysis of a hybrid steel–PSC beam connection
Pages 2557-2569
Seung Eock Kim, Huu Thanh Nguyen
7.On strain change of prestressing strand during detensioning procedures
Pages 2570-2578
Do Young Moon, Goangseup Zi, Jang-Ho Kim, Seung-Jung Lee, Gyuseon Kim
8.Inelastic buckling behavior of steel members under reversed cyclic loading
Pages 2579-2595
Phill-Seung Lee, Hyuk-Chun Noh
9.Time-variant service reliability of post-tensioned, segmental, concrete bridges exposed to corrosive environments
Pages 2596-2605
R.G. Pillai, M.D. Hueste, P. Gardoni, D. Trejo, K.F. Reinschmidt
10.Second-order elastic finite element analysis of steel structures using a single element per member
Pages 2606-2616
C.K. Iu, M.A. Bradford
11.Shear strength and behavior of transversely stiffened tubular flange plate girders
Pages 2617-2630
M.F. Hassanein, O.F. Kharoob
12.Failure of unrestrained lightly reinforced concrete slabs under fire, Part I: Analytical models
Pages 2631-2646
E. Omer, B.A. Izzuddin, A.Y. Elghazouli
13.Failure of unrestrained lightly reinforced concrete slabs under fire, Part II: Verification and application
Pages 2647-2657
E. Omer, B.A. Izzuddin, A.Y. Elghazouli
14.Cost-effectiveness related to the earthquake resisting system of multi-span bridges
Pages 2658-2671
Stergios A. Mitoulis, Ioannis A. Tegos, Kosmas C. Stylianidis
15.Experimental testing of a new anti-seismic dissipator energy device based on the plasticity of metals
Pages 2672-2682
J.M. Franco, X. Cahís, L. Gracia, F. López
16.Cyclic performance of steel moment-resisting connections with reduced beam sections — experimental analysis and finite element model simulation
Pages 2683-2692
D.T. Pachoumis, E.G. Galoussis, C.N. Kalfas, I.Z. Efthimiou
17.Dynamic load model for fork-lift trucks
Pages 2693-2701
A. Ehland, M.S. Williams, A. Blakeborough
18.Nonlinear analysis of composite steel–concrete cable-stayed bridges
Pages 2702-2716
José J. Oliveira Pedro, António J. Reis
19.A mathematical model for a combined cable system of bridges
Pages 2717-2728
T.G. Konstantakopoulos, G.T. Michaltsos
20.Experimental and analytical assessment of ductility in lightly reinforced concrete members
Pages 2729-2743
K.A. Cashell, A.Y. Elghazouli, B.A. Izzuddin
21.Steel–concrete composite beams in partial interaction: Closed-form “exact” expression of the stiffness matrix and the vector of equivalent nodal forces
Pages 2744-2754
Ciro Faella, Enzo Martinelli, Emidio Nigro
22.Compressive behavior of short high-strength concrete columns
Pages 2755-2766
Giuseppe Campione, Giovanni Minafò
23.Service strength validation of wind-sensitive structures, including fatigue life evaluation
Pages 2767-2775
Jani Barle, Vatroslav Grubisic, Danko Radica
24.Spectral shape-based assessment of SDOF nonlinear response to real, adjusted and artificial accelerograms
Pages 2776-2792
Iunio Iervolino, Flavia De Luca, Edoardo Cosenza
25.Rupture and damage mechanism analysis of a bolted assembly using coupling techniques between A.E. and D.I.C.
Pages 2793-2803
T. Dang Hoang, C. Herbelot, A. Imad
26.Finite element modeling of prestressed concrete spandrel beams
Pages 2804-2813
Bulent Mercan, Arturo E. Schultz, Henryk K. Stolarski
27.Design, test and field application of a GFRP corrugated-core sandwich bridge
Pages 2814-2824
Hyo Seon Ji, Wenchao Song, Zhongguo John Ma
28.Simplified nonlinear response simulation of composite steel–concrete beams and CFST columns
Pages 2825-2831
Huiling Zhao, Sashi K. Kunnath, Yong Yuan
29.Interaction diagrams for reinforced concrete sections subjected to fire
Pages 2832-2838
Rodrigo Barreto Caldas, João Batista M. Sousa Jr., Ricardo Hallal Fakury
30.Vibration reduction of high-speed railway bridges by adding size-adjusted vehicles
Pages 2839-2849
Jeong-Ryol Shin, Yun-Kyu An, Hoon Sohn, Chung-Bang Yun
31.An approximate method for dynamic analysis of skewed highway bridges with continuous rigid deck
Pages 2850-2860
Afshin Kalantari, Mohsen Amjadian
32.Punching and fatigue behavior of long-span prestressed concrete deck slabs
Pages 2861-2872
Hoonhee Hwang, Hyejin Yoon, Changbin Joh, Byung-Suk Kim
33.A novel concept of convertible roofs with high transformability consisting of planar scissor-hinge structures
Pages 2873-2883
Yenal Akgün, Charis J. Gantes, Konstantinos E. Kalochairetis, Gökhan Kiper
34.Evaluation of energy dissipation of slender reinforced concrete members and its applications
Pages 2884-2893
Tae-Sung Eom, Hong-Gun Park
35.Fragility functions for low aspect ratio reinforced concrete walls
Pages 2894-2901
Cevdet K. Gulec, Andrew S. Whittaker, John D. Hooper
36.Time-dependent analysis of composite beams with continuous shear connection based on a space-exact stiffness matrix
Pages 2902-2911
Quang-Huy Nguyen, Mohammed Hjiaj, Brian Uy
37.Buckling of reticulated laminated veneer lumber shells in consideration of the creep
Pages 2912-2918
H.Z. Zhou, F. Fan, E.C. Zhu
38.Reliability-based optimization considering design variables of discrete size
Pages 2919-2930
M.A. Valdebenito, G.I. Schuëller
39.Best-fit models for nonlinear seismic response of reinforced concrete frames
Pages 2931-2939
Andres Lepage, Michael W. Hopper, Sebastian A. Delgado, Jeff J. Dragovich
40.Flexural behavior of hybrid precast concrete beams with H-steel beams at both ends
Pages 2940-2949
Keun-Hyeok Yang, Myoung-Ho Oh, Myeong-Han Kim, Ho-Chan Lee
41.Performance-based plastic design method for buckling-restrained braced frames
Pages 2950-2958
Dipti R. Sahoo, Shih-Ho Chao
42.Nonlinear behavior of reinforced concrete shear walls using macroscopic and microscopic models
Pages 2959-2968
A. Jalali, F. Dashti
43.Post-yield stiffnesses and residual deformations of RC bridge columns reinforced with ordinary rebars and steel fiber composite bars
Pages 2969-2983
Mohamed F.M. Fahmy, Zhishen Wu, Gang Wu, Zeyang Sun
44.Finite element investigation of the structural response of corroded RC beams
Pages 2984-2994
Alexandros N. Kallias, M. Imran Rafiq
Pages I-II

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Mirror Links: Volume 32, Issue 9, Pages 2505-2994 (September 2010)
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Volume 32, Issue 10, Pages 2995-3432 (October 2010)

Size: 64.7 MB | Format: PDF

[Image: info.png]

1.Editorial Board
2.Analytical study on seismic retrofitting of reinforced concrete buildings using steel braces with shear link
Pages 2995-3010
Cengizhan Durucan, Murat Dicleli
3.Characterizing the diverter switch of a load tap changer in a transformer using wavelet and modal analysis
Pages 3011-3017
Edwin Rivas-Trujillo, Edwin Laniado-Jácome, José Luis San-Román, Vicente Díaz
4.Prediction models for calculating bolted connections using data mining techniques and the finite element method
Pages 3018-3027
J. Fernández, A. Pernía, F.J. Martínez-de-Pisón, R. Lostado
5.Seismic response of a non-symmetric rigid block on a constrained oscillating base
Pages 3028-3039
A. Di Egidio, A. Contento
6.Application of semi-active control strategies for seismic protection of buildings with MR dampers
Pages 3040-3047
Maryam Bitaraf, Osman E. Ozbulut, Stefan Hurlebaus, Luciana Barroso
7.Component-based mechanical models for blind-bolted angle connections
Pages 3048-3067
C. Málaga-Chuquitaype, A.Y. Elghazouli
8.S–N curves for fatigue of bond in reinforced concrete structures under transverse tension
Pages 3068-3074
Alexander Lindorf, Manfred Curbach
10.Seismic behaviour of deficient RC frames strengthened with CFRP composites
Pages 3075-3085
Reyes Garcia, Iman Hajirasouliha, Kypros Pilakoutas
11.A numerical study into the evolution of loads on shores and slabs during construction of multistorey buildings. Comparison of partial striking with other techniques
Pages 3093-3102
Yezid A. Alvarado, Pedro A. Calderón, Isabel Gasch, Jose M. Adam
12.The influence of boundary conditions and axial deformability on buckling behavior of two-layer composite columns with interlayer slip
Pages 3103-3111
S. Schnabl, I. Planinc
13.The test of a full-scale three-story RC structure with masonry infill walls
Pages 3112-3121
S. Pujol, D. Fick
14.Influence of asphalt pavement on damping ratio and resonance frequencies of timber bridges
Pages 3122-3129
Sandy Schubert, Daniel Gsell, René Steiger, Glauco Feltrin
15.Experimental behaviour of reinforced concrete (RC) beam to concrete-filled steel tubular (CFST) column frames subjected to ISO-834 standard fire
Pages 3130-3144
Lin-Hai Han, Wei-Hua Wang, Hong-Xia Yu
16.Statistical detection of multiple cracks on thin plates utilizing dynamic response
Pages 3145-3152
H.F. Lam, T. Yin
17.Simplified progressive collapse simulation of RC frame–wall structures
Pages 3153-3162
Yihai Bao, Sashi K. Kunnath
18.Stiffness-based design methodology for steel braced tube structures: A sustainable approach
Pages 3163-3170
Kyoung Sun Moon
19.Wind-induced vibration of a traffic-signal-support structure with cantilevered tapered circular mast arm
Pages 3171-3179
Delong Zuo, Chris W. Letchford
20.Numerical simulation of a cable-stayed bridge response to blast loads, Part I: Model development and response calculations
Pages 3180-3192
Edmond K.C. Tang, Hong Hao
21.Numerical simulation of a cable-stayed bridge response to blast loads, Part II: Damage prediction and FRP strengthening
Pages 3193-3205
Hong Hao, Edmond K.C. Tang
22.Maximum ratio of longitudinal tensile reinforcement in high strength doubly reinforced concrete beams designed according to Eurocode 8
Pages 3206-3213
Amar Kassoul, Abdelkader Bougara
23.Polymer concrete–GRP plate hybrid joints for transverse moment–shear continuity in GRP bridge decks
Pages 3214-3224
Wendel M. Sebastian, Thomas Keller, Sam Luke, Joel Ross
24.Modeling of timber beams strengthened with various CFRP composites
Pages 3225-3234
Yail J. Kim, Kent A. Harries
25.Experimental studies on the shear behaviour and strength of LiteSteel beams
Pages 3235-3247
Poologanathan Keerthan, Mahen Mahendran
26.Nonlinear thermoelastic analysis of composite steel–concrete arches including partial interaction and elevated temperature loading
Pages 3248-3257
Amin Heidarpour, Tung Hoang Pham, Mark Andrew Bradford
27.A simplified model for inelastic second order analysis of planar frames
Pages 3258-3268
Ahmed H. Zubydan
28.Damping mechanisms and damping ratios in vibrating unreinforced stone masonry
Pages 3269-3278
Abdelsamie Elmenshawi, Mohamed Sorour, Aftab Mufti, Leslie G. Jaeger, Nigel Shrive
29.Reliability-based assessment of the effect of climatic conditions on the corrosion of RC structures subject to chloride ingress
Pages 3279-3287
Jinane El Hassan, Philippe Bressolette, Alaa Chateauneuf, Khaled El Tawil
30.Parametric study on the dynamic response of cable stayed bridges to the sudden failure of a stay, Part I: Bending moment acting on the deck
Pages 3288-3300
C.M. Mozos, A.C. Aparicio
31.Parametric study on the dynamic response of cable stayed bridges to the sudden failure of a stay, Part II: Bending moment acting on the pylons and stress on the stays
Pages 3301-3312
C.M. Mozos, A.C. Aparicio
32.On the effect of internal flow on vibrating catenary risers in three dimensions
Pages 3313-3329
Ioannis K. Chatjigeorgiou
33.Fire resistance of reinforced concrete columns with elastically restrained thermal elongation
Pages 3330-3337
Alberto M.B. Martins, João Paulo C. Rodrigues
34.Feasibility analysis of a movable bridge compensating for clearance deficit during floods
Pages 3338-3343
Marco A. Pisani, Francesco Ballio
35.Vibration analysis of pultruded FRP frames with semi-rigid connections
Pages 3344-3354
F. Minghini, N. Tullini, F. Laudiero
36.Estimation of parameters defining negative tension stiffening
Pages 3355-3362
Carlos Zanuy, Pablo de la Fuente, Luis Albajar
37.An analytical model based on lumped parameters for the dynamic analysis of church bells
Pages 3363-3376
Giovanni Meneghetti, Barbara Rossi
38.Evaluation of residual flexural capacity of existing pre-cast pre-stressed concrete panels—A case study
Pages 3377-3383
Mihkel Kiviste, Jaan Miljan
39.Performance of hurricane shutters under impact by roof tiles
Pages 3384-3393
George Fernandez, Forrest J. Masters, Kurtis R. Gurley
40.Hysteretic behavior of precast segmental bridge piers with superelastic shape memory alloy bars
Pages 3394-3403
Hwasung Roh, Andrei M. Reinhorn
41.Vibration control of seismic structures using semi-active friction multiple tuned mass dampers
Pages 3404-3417
Chi-Chang Lin, Lyan-Ywan Lu, Ging-Long Lin, Ting-Wei Yang
42.Analytical studies of a full-scale steel building shaken to collapse
Pages 3418-3430
Yi-Jer Yu, Keh-Chyuan Tsai, Yuan-Tao Weng, Bo-Zhou Lin, Jui-Liang Lin
43.Corrigendum to “A numerical method to quantify differential axial shortening in concrete” [Eng Struct 32 (2010) 2310–2317]
Page 3431
Praveen Moragaspitiya, David Thambiratnam, Nimal Perera, Tommy Chan
Pages I-II

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Volume 33, Issue 11, Pages 2957-3124 (November 2011)

Size: 14.9 MB | Format: PDF

[Image: info.png]

Modelling the Performance of Timber Structures

1.Editorial Board
2.Special Issue — Timber Structures
Page 2957
Jochen Köhler, Staffan Svensson
3.Proposal for a failure assessment template
Pages 2958-2961
T. Toratti
4.A scheme for the evaluation of experience of the performance of timber structures
Pages 2962-2968
Gerhard Fink, Jochen Kohler
5.Statistics of damages to timber structures in Germany
Pages 2969-2977
Matthias Frese, Hans Joachim Blaß
6.Analysis of structural failures in timber structures: Typical causes for failure and failure modes
Pages 2978-2982
Eva Frühwald Hansson
7.Guideline on the assessment of timber structures: Summary
Pages 2983-2986
Philipp Dietsch, Heinrich Kreuzinger
8.General notes on ductility in timber structures
Pages 2987-2997
André Jorissen, Massimo Fragiacomo
9.Quantifying ductility in timber structures
Pages 2998-3006
K.A. Malo, J. Siem, P. Ellingsbø
10.Consideration of plasticity within the design of timber structures due to connection ductility
Pages 3007-3017
Frank Brühl, Ulrike Kuhlmann, André Jorissen
11.Ductility aspects of reinforced and non-reinforced timber joints
Pages 3018-3026
Hans Joachim Blaß, Patrick Schädle
12.Requirements for moment connections in statically indeterminate timber structures
Pages 3027-3032
A.J.M. Leijten
13.The effect of ductile connectors on the behaviour of timber–concrete composite beams
Pages 3033-3042
Alfredo M.P.G. Dias, Luís F.C. Jorge
14.Elastic and ductile design of multi-storey crosslam massive wooden buildings under seismic actions
Pages 3043-3053
M. Fragiacomo, B. Dujic, I. Sustersic
15.Failure mechanisms of dowel-type fastener connections perpendicular to grain
Pages 3054-3063
J.C.M.(Dennis) Schoenmakers, A.J.M. Jorissen
16.Predicting moisture state of timber members in a continuously varying climate
Pages 3064-3070
Staffan Svensson, Goran Turk, Tomaz Hozjan
17.Moisture-induced stresses perpendicular to grain in cross-sections of timber members exposed to different climates
Pages 3071-3078
Massimo Fragiacomo, Stefania Fortino, Davide Tononi, Irene Usardi, Tomi Toratti
18.NMR imaging study and multi-Fickian numerical simulation of moisture transfer in Norway spruce samples
Pages 3079-3086
Sergey V. Dvinskikh, Marielle Henriksson, Antonio Lorenzo Mendicino, Stefania Fortino, Tomi Toratti
19.Framework for robustness assessment of timber structures
Pages 3087-3092
John Dalsgaard Sørensen
20.System reliability of timber structures with ductile behaviour
Pages 3093-3098
Poul Henning Kirkegaard, John Dalsgaard Sørensen, Dean Čizmar, Vlatka Rajčić
21.Robustness of timber structures in seismic areas
Pages 3099-3105
Jorge M. Branco, Luis A.C. Neves
22.Robustness of large-span timber roof structures — Structural aspects
Pages 3106-3112
Philipp Dietsch
23.Robustness of large-span timber roof structures — Two examples
Pages 3113-3117
Jørgen Munch-Andersen, Philipp Dietsch
24.Reliability-based robustness analysis for a Croatian sports hall
Pages 3118-3124
Dean Čizmar, Poul Henning Kirkegaard, John Dalsgaard Sørensen, Vlatka Rajčić
Pages I-II

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Volume 33, Issue 10, Pages 2727-2956 (October 2011)

Size: 33.8 MB | Format: PDF

[Image: info.png]

1.Editorial Board
Page IFC
2.Testing of composite steel top-and-seat-and-web angle joints at ambient and elevated temperatures, Part 1: Ambient tests
Pages 2727-2743
Zhen Yuan, Kang Hai Tan, Seng Kiong Ting
3.Behaviour of Perfobond shear connectors at high temperatures
Pages 2744-2753
João Paulo C. Rodrigues, Luís Laím
4.Least-work solutions of flange normal stresses in thin-walled flexural members with high-order polynomial
Pages 2754-2761
Zhibin Lin, Jian Zhao
5.Nonlinear dynamic behavior of saddle-form cable nets under uniform harmonic load
Pages 2762-2771
Isabella Vassilopoulou, Charis J. Gantes
6.Assessment of the flexural capacity of RC beam/column elements allowing for 3d effects
Pages 2772-2780
Gerasimos M. Kotsovos
7.On the dynamic response of sandwich panels with different core set-ups subject to global and local blast loads
Pages 2781-2793
Y. Yang, A.S. Fallah, M. Saunders, L.A. Louca
8.Nonlinear behavior of composite shear walls with vertical steel encased profiles
Pages 2794-2804
D. Dan, A. Fabian, V. Stoian
9.Investigation of the influence of design and material parameters in the progressive collapse analysis of RC structures
Pages 2805-2820
B. Santafé Iribarren, P. Berke, Ph. Bouillard, J. Vantomme, T.J. Massart
10.Seismic behaviour of infilled and pilotis RC frame structures with beam–column joint degradation effect
Pages 2821-2831
Chris G. Karayannis, Maria J. Favvata, D.J. Kakaletsis
11.On the buckling of axially restrained steel columns in fire
Pages 2832-2838
P.G. Shepherd, I.W. Burgess
12.Transverse fatigue behaviour of lightly reinforced concrete bridge decks
Pages 2839-2849
Carlos Zanuy, Luis Felipe Maya, Luis Albajar, Pablo de la Fuente
13.A numerical procedure for simulating the multi-support seismic response of submerged floating tunnels anchored by cables
Pages 2850-2860
Luca Martinelli, Gianluca Barbella, Anna Feriani
14.Testing and long-term monitoring of a curved concrete box girder bridge
Pages 2861-2869
Hugo C. Gomez, Paul J. Fanning, Maria Q. Feng, Sungchil Lee
15.Enhancing the fire resistance of composite floor assemblies through the use of steel fiber reinforced concrete
Pages 2870-2878
Rustin Fike, Venkatesh Kodur
16.Evaluation of strand bond equations for prestressed members cast with self-consolidating concrete
Pages 2879-2887
Royce W. Floyd, Michael B. Howland, W. Micah Hale
17.Structural analysis of reinforced concrete chimneys subjected to uncontrolled fire
Pages 2888-2898
Ashkan Vaziri, Amin Ajdari, Hosam Ali, Artemis Agelaridou Twohig
18.Evaluation of progressive collapse alternate load path analyses in designing for blast resistance of steel columns
Pages 2899-2909
Jennifer Righman McConnell, Houston Brown
19.Shape memory alloy CuAlBe strands subjected to cyclic axial loads
Pages 2910-2918
J.F. Beltran, C. Cruz, R. Herrera, O. Moroni
20.A probabilistic boundary element method applied to the pile dislocation problem
Pages 2919-2930
Samer Sabry F. Mehanny, Sameh S.F. Mehanny, Youssef F. Rashed
21.An improved tie force method for progressive collapse resistance design of reinforced concrete frame structures
Pages 2931-2942
Yi Li, Xinzheng Lu, Hong Guan, Lieping Ye
22.Probabilistic evaluation of the design development length of a GFRP rod pull-out from concrete
Pages 2943-2952
Zheng He, Guo-Wen Tian


23.Discussion of the paper ‘Equivalent representations of beams with periodically variable cross-sections’ by Tianxin Zheng and Tianjian Ji [Eng Struct 39 (2011) 1569–1583]
Pages 2953-2955
S. Bahadir Yuksel

Book review

24.Book review
Page 2956
Peter J. Stafford
Pages III-IV

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Volume 33, Issue 9, Pages 2417-2726 (September 2011)

Size: 50.7 MB | Format: PDF

[Image: info.png]

1.Editorial Board
Page IFC
2.A consecutive modal pushover procedure for nonlinear static analysis of one-way unsymmetric-plan tall building structures
Pages 2417-2434
Mehdi Poursha, Faramarz Khoshnoudian, A.S. Moghadam
3.Thickness of shear flow zone in a circular RC column under pure torsion
Pages 2435-2447
Young-Min You, Abdeldjelil Belarbi
4.Experimental results of a NiTi shape memory alloy (SMA)-based recentering beam-column connection
Pages 2448-2457
Matthew S. Speicher, Reginald DesRoches, Roberto T. Leon
5.Time-dependent performance indicators of damaged bridge superstructures
Pages 2458-2471
Duygu Saydam, Dan M. Frangopol
6.Vibration characteristics of vaulted masonry monuments undergoing differential support settlement
Pages 2472-2484
Sezer Atamturktur, Luke Bornn, François Hemez
7.Control of vibrations induced by people walking on large span composite floor decks
Pages 2485-2494
Wendell D. Varela, Ronaldo C. Battista
8.Behavior of reinforced concrete walls subjected to monotonic pure torsion—An experimental study
Pages 2495-2508
Xiao-Ning Peng, Yuk-Lung Wong
9.Estimation of the Park–Ang damage index for planar multi-storey frames using equivalent single-degree systems
Pages 2509-2524
Siddhartha Ghosh, Debarati Datta, Abhinav A. Katakdhond
10.Cyclic behavior of prefabricated circular composite columns with low steel ratio
Pages 2525-2534
Chang-Su Shim, Young-Soo Chung, Jae-Young Yoon
11.Application of endurance time method in seismic assessment of steel frames
Pages 2535-2546
H.E. Estekanchi, H.T. Riahi, A. Vafai
12.Propagation buckling in deep sub-sea pipelines
Pages 2547-2553
F. Albermani, H. Khalilpasha, H. Karampour
13.Cost optimization of the underground gas storage
Pages 2554-2562
Bojan Žlender, Stojan Kravanja
14.Blinding struts — Part 1: Buckling response
Pages 2563-2572
J.M. Abela, R.L. Vollum, B.A. Izzuddin, D.M. Potts
15.Blinding struts, Part 2: Towards a simplified design method
Pages 2573-2583
R.L. Vollum, B.A. Izzuddin, J.M. Abela, D.M. Potts
16.In-plane cyclic behaviour of a new reinforced masonry system: Experimental results
Pages 2584-2596
Francesca da Porto, Flavio Mosele, Claudio Modena
17.A simple finite element to consider the non-linear influence of the ballast on vibrations of railway bridges
Pages 2597-2602
Jean-Marc Battini, Mahir Ülker-Kaustell
18.Form finding methodology for force-modelled anticlastic shells in glass fibre textile reinforced cement composites
Pages 2603-2611
Tine Tysmans, Sigrid Adriaenssens, Jan Wastiels
19.Form-finding as a modelling tool for shaping mechanical components: A feasibility case study of an axial-flow compressor blade
Pages 2612-2620
W.J. Lewis, J.S. Brew, P. Bryanston-Cross, J. Nawasra
20.Response variability of cylindrical shells with stochastic non-Gaussian material and geometric properties
Pages 2621-2627
George Stefanou
21.Analytical model validation and influence of column bases for seismic responses of steel post-tensioned self-centering MRF systems
Pages 2628-2643
Chung-Che Chou, Jun-Hen Chen
22.Moment coefficients for design of waffle slabs with and without openings
Pages 2644-2652
Ahmed Ibrahim, Hani Salim, Hamdy Shehab El-Din
23.Pushdown resistance as a measure of robustness in progressive collapse analysis
Pages 2653-2661
Kapil Khandelwal, Sherif El-Tawil
24.Seismic reliability of spherical containers retrofitted by means of energy dissipation devices
Pages 2662-2667
O. Curadelli
25.Experimental study on joint of spliced steel–PSC hybrid girder, part II: Full-scale test of spliced hybrid I-girder
Pages 2668-2682
Sang-Hyo Kim, Chan-Goo Lee, Sung-Jae Kim, Jeong-Hun Won
26.Finite element modeling and shake-table testing of unidirectional infill masonry walls under out-of-plane dynamic loads
Pages 2683-2696
Oded Rabinovitch, Hazem Madah
27.Experimental behaviour of LVL–concrete composite floor beams at strength limit state
Pages 2697-2707
D. Yeoh, M. Fragiacomo, B. Deam
28.Damage detection in elevated spherical containers partially filled with liquid
Pages 2708-2715
Oscar Curadelli, Daniel Ambrosini
29.Estimating optimum parameters of tuned mass dampers using harmony search
Pages 2716-2723
Gebrail Bekdaş, Sinan Melih Nigdeli

Book review

30.Book review
Pages 2724-2725
Izuru Takewaki
Pages I-II

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Volume 33, Issue 8, Pages 2237-2416 (August 2011)

Size: 22.4 MB | Format: PDF

[Image: info.png]

1.Editorial Board
Page IFC
2.Model-based design and experimental validation of active vibration control for a stress ribbon bridge using pneumatic muscle actuators
Pages 2237-2247
Achim Bleicher, Mike Schlaich, Yozo Fujino, Thomas Schauer
3.Seismic structural and non-structural performance evaluation of highly damped self-centering and conventional systems
Pages 2248-2258
Theodore L. Karavasilis, Choung-Yeol Seo
4.Experimental evaluation of different strengthening techniques of traditional timber connections
Pages 2259-2270
Jorge Manuel Branco, Maurizio Piazza, Paulo J.S. Cruz
5.On the background and biresonant components of the random response of single degree-of-freedom systems under non-Gaussian random loading
Pages 2271-2283
V. Denoël
6.Estimation of torsional-flutter probability in flexible bridges considering randomness in flutter derivatives
Pages 2284-2296
Dong-Woo Seo, Luca Caracoglia
7.Variationally-based theories for buckling of partial composite beam–columns including shear and axial effects
Pages 2297-2319
Noël Challamel, Ulf Arne Girhammar
8.Design of tall bridge piers by ant colony optimization
Pages 2320-2329
Francisco J. Martínez, Fernando González-Vidosa, Antonio Hospitaler, Julián Alcalá
9.Numerical and experimental study on the interaction cable structure during the failure of a stay in a cable stayed bridge
Pages 2330-2341
C.M. Mozos, A.C. Aparicio
10.Sensitivity analysis of steel plane frames with initial imperfections
Pages 2342-2349
Zdeněk Kala
11.Safety formats for nonlinear analysis tested on concrete beams subjected to shear forces and bending moments
Pages 2350-2356
Hendrik Schlune, Mario Plos, Kent Gylltoft
12.Effectiveness of the 30%-rule at predicting the elastic seismic demand on bridge columns subjected to bi-directional earthquake motions
Pages 2357-2370
A. Khaled, R. Tremblay, B. Massicotte
13.Algorithms for seismic analysis of MDOF systems with fractional derivatives
Pages 2371-2381
M.P. Singh, T.-S. Chang, H. Nandan
14.Experimental study on joint of spliced steel–PSC hybrid girder, Part I: Proposed parallel-perfobond-rib-type joint
Pages 2382-2397
Sang-Hyo Kim, Chan-Goo Lee, Jin-Hee Ahn, Jeong-Hun Won
15.Reduction in flexural strength in rectangular RC beams due to slenderness
Pages 2398-2406
K. Girija, Devdas Menon
16.Photogrammetric measurements of RC bridge column deformations
Pages 2407-2415
Zeynep Firat Alemdar, JoAnn Browning, Jeffrey Olafsen

17.Response to discussion on “A bidirectional and homogeneous tuned mass damper: A new device for passive control of vibrations” by Jose L. Almazan, Juan C. De la Llera, Jose A. Inaudi, Diego Lopez-Garcia, Luis E. Izquierdo [Eng Struct 29 (2007) 1548–1560]
Page 2416
José Luis Almazán

Pages I-II

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Volume 33, Issue 6, Pages 1859-2092 (June 2011)

Size: 37.0 MB | Format: PDF

[Image: info.png]

1.Editorial Board
Page IFC
2.Experimental evaluation of the seismic performance of steel MRFs with compressed elastomer dampers using large-scale real-time hybrid simulation
Pages 1859-1869
Theodore L. Karavasilis, James M. Ricles, Richard Sause, Cheng Chen
3.Consistent virtual work approach for the nonlinear and postbuckling analysis of steel frames under thermal and mechanical loadings
Pages 1870-1882
Y.B. Yang, C.T. Chen, T.J. Lin, C.R. Hung
4.Estimating fundamental periods of steel plate shear walls
Pages 1883-1893
Anjan K. Bhowmick, Gilbert Y. Grondin, Robert G. Driver
5.Investigation of vortex-induced vibration of a suspension bridge with two separated steel box girders based on field measurements
Pages 1894-1907
Hui Li, Shujin Laima, Jinping Ou, Xuefeng Zhao, Wensong Zhou, Yan Yu, Na Li, Zhiqiang Liu
6.Structural performance of a post-tensioned concrete floor during horizontally travelling fires
Pages 1908-1917
E. Ellobody, C.G. Bailey
7.A methodological approach for finite element modeling of pretensioned concrete members at the release of pretensioning
Pages 1918-1929
Amir A. Arab, Sameh S. Badie, Majid T. Manzari
8.Determining control strategies for damage tolerance of an active tensegrity structure
Pages 1930-1939
Sinan Korkmaz, Nizar Bel Hadj Ali, Ian F.C. Smith
9.A simplified analytical procedure for assessing the worst patch load location on circular steel silos with corrugated walls
Pages 1940-1954
E. Gallego, C. González-Montellano, A. Ramírez, F. Ayuga
10.Nonlinear response of masonry wall structures subjected to cyclic and dynamic loading
Pages 1955-1965
José Fernando Sima, Pere Roca, Climent Molins
11.Close-range blast loading on empty recyclable metal beverage cans for use in sacrificial cladding structure
Pages 1966-1987
Sivakumar Palanivelu, Wim Van Paepegem, Joris Degrieck, Bruno Reymen, Jean-Marie Ndambi, John Vantomme, Dimitrios Kakogiannis, Jan Wastiels, Danny Van Hemelrijck
12.Modelling the FRP-concrete delamination by means of an exponential softening law
Pages 1988-2001
P. Cornetti, A. Carpinteri
13.Long-term fatigue analysis of multi-planar tubular joints for jacket-type offshore wind turbine in time domain
Pages 2002-2014
Wenbin Dong, Torgeir Moan, Zhen Gao
14.A neural network based closed-form solution for the distortional buckling of elliptical tubes
Pages 2015-2024
J.L.R. Dias, N. Silvestre
15.Strengthening of flat slabs with post-tensioning using anchorages by bonding
Pages 2025-2043
Duarte M.V. Faria, Válter J.G. Lúcio, A. Pinho Ramos
16.Calculation of guyed masts in accordance with EN 1993-3-1 standard taking into account mast shaft geometrical imperfections
Pages 2044-2048
Monika Matuszkiewicz
17.Experimental assessment of the seismic performance of a prefabricated concrete structural wall system
Pages 2049-2062
Alberto Pavese, Dionysios A. Bournas
18.Operational modal testing and FE model tuning of a cable-stayed bridge
Pages 2063-2073
Francesco Benedettini, Carmelo Gentile
19.Seismic response of liquid-filled elevated tanks
Pages 2074-2084
M. Moslemi, M.R. Kianoush, W. Pogorzelski

Short communication
20.Full plastic capacity of equal angle sections under biaxial bending and normal force
Pages 2085-2090
A.E. Charalampakis

Book reviews
21.Book review
Page 2091
David A. Nethercot
22.Book review
Page 2092
Jose M. Adam

Pages I-II

[Image: Download.png]
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Volume 33, Issue 5, Pages 1403-1858 (May 2011)

Size: 66.9 MB | Format: PDF

[Image: info.png]

1.Editorial Board
Page IFC
2.Determination of accidental forklift truck impact forces on drive-in steel rack structures
Pages 1403-1409
Benoit P. Gilbert, Kim J.R. Rasmussen
3.Impact tests and parametric impact studies on drive-in steel storage racks
Pages 1410-1422
Benoit P. Gilbert, Kim J.R. Rasmussen
4.Numerical modeling of ductile crack extension in high pressure pipelines with longitudinal flaws
Pages 1423-1438
Claudio Ruggieri, Fernando Dotta
5.A stakeholder probability-based optimization approach for cost-effective bridge management under financial constraints
Pages 1439-1449
André D. Orcesi, Dan M. Frangopol
6. The effect of the infill in arched structures: Analytical and numerical modelling
Pages 1450-1458
António Sousa Gago, Jorge Alfaiate, António Lamas
7.Dynamic reduction-based structural damage detection of transmission towers: Practical issues and experimental verification
Pages 1459-1478
Heung-Fai Lam, Tao Yin
8.Nonlinear finite element analysis of CFT-to-bracing connections subjected to axial compressive forces
Pages 1479-1490
Hsuan-Teh Hu, Chun-Wei Chen, Mei-Yun Huang
9.Fatigue behavior of damaged steel beams repaired with CFRP strips
Pages 1491-1502
Yail J. Kim, Kent A. Harries
10.Dynamic analysis methodology for progressive failure of truss structures considering inelastic postbuckling cyclic member behavior
Pages 1503-1513
Ramesh B. Malla, Puneet Agarwal, Rais Ahmad
11.Assessment of RC columns subjected to horizontal and vertical ground motions recorded during the 2009 L’Aquila (Italy) earthquake
Pages 1514-1535
L. Di Sarno, A.S. Elnashai, G. Manfredi
12.Modeling of cable-moored floating breakwaters connected with hinges
Pages 1536-1552
Ioanna Diamantoulaki, Demos C. Angelides
13.Seismic FRP retrofit of circular single-column bents using a ductility wrap envelope to alter failure modes
Pages 1553-1564
T.L. Attard, C.M. Abela, K. Dhiradhamvit
14.A new simplified procedure to estimate loads on slabs and shoring during the construction of multistorey buildings
Pages 1565-1575
Pedro A. Calderón, Yezid A. Alvarado, Jose M. Adam
15.Simulation and design recommendations of eccentrically loaded slender concrete-filled tubular columns
Pages 1576-1593
J.M. Portolés, M.L. Romero, F.C. Filippou, J.L. Bonet
16.Behaviour of a masonry arch bridge repaired using fibre-reinforced polymer composites
Pages 1594-1606
Y. Tao, T.J. Stratford, J.F. Chen
17.Dynamic response analysis of an offshore platform due to seismic motions
Pages 1607-1616
Min-su Park, Weoncheol Koo, Kenji Kawano
18.Sequentially linear modelling of local snap-back in extremely brittle structures
Pages 1617-1625
S. Invernizzi, D. Trovato, M.A.N. Hendriks, A.V. van de Graaf
19.Seismic rehabilitation of historical masonry buildings
Pages 1626-1634
Miguel Branco, Luís Manuel Guerreiro
20.The influence of travelling fires on a concrete frame
Pages 1635-1642
Angus Law, Jamie Stern-Gottfried, Martin Gillie, Guillermo Rein
21.The influence of profiled sheeting thickness and shear connector’s position on strength and ductility of headed shear connector
Pages 1643-1656
Jawed Qureshi, Dennis Lam, Jianqiao Ye
22.Probabilistic dynamic behavior of a long-span bridge under extreme events
Pages 1657-1665
J. Wu, S.R. Chen
23.Investigation of FRP strengthened circular columns under biaxial bending
Pages 1666-1679
Manal K. Zaki
24.Shear capacity of ferrocement plates in flexure
Pages 1680-1686
Hassan M.H. Ibrahim
25.Experimental evaluation of the tension stiffening behavior of HSC thick panels
Pages 1687-1697
N. Dawood, H. Marzouk
26.Numerical procedure for the analysis of damaged polyester ropes
Pages 1698-1709
Juan Felipe Beltrán, Eric B. Williamson
27.Blind bolted moment connection to unfilled hollow section columns using extended T-stub with back face support
Pages 1710-1722
J. Lee, H.M. Goldsworthy, E.F. Gad
28.Model for post-yield tension stiffening and rebar rupture in concrete members
Pages 1723-1733
Seong-Cheol Lee, Jae-Yeol Cho, Frank J. Vecchio
29.Out-of-plane behaviour of confined masonry walls
Pages 1734-1741
J.L. Varela-Rivera, D. Navarrete-Macias, L.E. Fernandez-Baqueiro, E.I. Moreno
30.Prediction of punching shear strength of two-way slabs
Pages 1742-1753
Ahmed A. Elshafey, Emad Rizk, H. Marzouk, Mahmoud R. Haddara
31.Influence of fibers on flexural behavior and ductility of concrete beams reinforced with GFRP rebars
Pages 1754-1763
Mohamed S. Issa, Ibrahim M. Metwally, Sherif M. Elzeiny
32.A novel approach to evaluate the equivalent dynamic stiffness of guy clusters in telecommunication masts under ground excitation
Pages 1764-1772
S. Ali Ghafari Oskoei, Ghyslaine McClure
33.Comparison of dynamic properties of spliced and monolithic prestressed concrete box railway girders
Pages 1773-1780
Wonseok Chung, Seong-Min Kim
34.Time-dependent in-plane behaviour and buckling of concrete-filled steel tubular arches
Pages 1781-1795
Mark Andrew Bradford, Yong-Lin Pi, Weilian Qu
35.Efficient modeling of imperfections for buckling analysis of composite cylindrical shells
Pages 1796-1806
M. Broggi, G.I. Schuëller
36.The effect of actuator dynamics on active structural control of offshore wind turbines
Pages 1807-1816
Gordon M. Stewart, Matthew A. Lackner
37.Accurate modeling of joint effects in lattice transmission towers
Pages 1817-1827
W.Q. Jiang, Z.Q. Wang, G. McClure, G.L. Wang, J.D. Geng
38.Nonlinear 3D numerical computations for the square membrane versus experimental data
Pages 1828-1837
S. Wang, G.R. Liu, Z.Q. Zhang, L. Chen
39.Structural adequacy assessment of a disused flat bottom rail wagon as road bridge deck
Pages 1838-1849
Manicka Dhanasekar, Wirtu L. Bayissa

Short communication
40.Geometric properties for the design of unusual member cross-sections in bending
Pages 1850-1854
A.J. Sadowski

41.Discussion of “Updating the reliability of a concrete bridge structure based on condition assessment with uncertainties” by S.S. Law and J. Li [Eng Struct 32 (2010) 286–296]
Pages 1855-1856
X.H. He
42.A response to the discussion of “Updating the reliability of a concrete bridge structure based on condition assessment with uncertainties”
Page 1857
S.S. Law, J. Li

43.Corrigendum to “Fatigue assessment of highway steel bridges in presence of seismic loading” [Eng Struct 33 (2011) 202–209]
Page 1858
A. Pipinato, C. Pellegrino, C. Modena

Pages I-II

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