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equation editor
as an engineering forum, i think that the addition of an equation editor (if the forum platform supports it), it would be very useful.

e.g. equations like this: sqrt(x^2+y^2) etc, is a little be tired for somebody to read them and sometimes since you read them and understand them, you have forgotten what was the thread all about
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Dear Admin,

Please you add support for Math typing in this forum, fraction, equation.......
It's great if you could integrate MathCad input in this very great Engineer forum.

For example:
[Image: 34088348102279248907.jpg]

[Image: 77225294891888701228.jpg]

[Image: 14246587855792254949.jpg]

Dear rigid_joint,

Yes, it's good idea. You are correct. When I need to write the equation in this forum, I gave up, because it's difficult to write and may make the mistake.

With Regards,
[Image: 39884447217620865869.jpg]

[Image: 61528022182549816958.jpg]

I wil disagree here to put an equation editor! because this forum is not to calculate the mathematical expressions rather its for knowledge sharing!
Its not an online mathematic problem solver!
if you have any questions regarding solving of mathematical expressions you can post in the relevant sections of this forum!
Beside already i think there too much server load for this forum and we all members are enjoying the benefits free of any cost. So may be this equation edtor puts more load on the server as there will be an increase (OBVIOUSLY) in traffic due to some additional NOT REQUIRED tool and it will affect the bandwidth usage too!
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Quote:Its not an online mathematic problem solver!
cqc or srss cominations like it was my example above "sqrt(x^2+y^2)" are engineering problems.

so, it's not necessary to be so aggressive. i didn't talk about "an equation solver" but about "an equation editor"
I believe this discussion is finished.

No one is aggressive - coolestbliss clearly stated some points of view. Those points of view are agreed by 3 Protectors and few other members.

This sections goes under the key.


p.s. you can always write the equation using pen and paper, scan it and post it OR you can write the equation to microsoft word, print screen and post it to the fourm - think as one of the engineer, try to find your way out of the problem...
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