Demand in using "Performance Based Design"
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Demand in using "Performance Based Design"
Dear all,

I believe that performance based design are widely used in most countries. Here in my country, there is only one structure I know that was designed using that kind of approach because still static and dynamic analysis are the most common in here.

This advancement of structural design approach really challenges the capability of all structural engineers. I must admit that I don't have an experience yet in using this kind of approach but somehow I have a little idea of this procedure. May I know how often you use performance based design in your country?

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in europe, since the implementation of ec8/part3 "Assessment and retrofitting of buildings", the method is adopted for the evaluation of the seismic performance of existing buildings.

in greece, for the last decade period, there was an unofficial code called "kanepe" based in this method. this code was also only for existing and not for new buildings. many parts of "kanepe" adopted in ec8/part3
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In the US, Japan, and China performance based design is mandatory for tall buildings...most of the other countries are following now this practice Chile, Philippines, Thailand etc.

It has major advantages over code based design as it will evaluate the inelastic behavior of the structure beyond its yield capacity which the code based design is unable to do.

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