Need focus on problem thread
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[In Progress] Need focus on problem thread
Hi All!

There is a fact that there are many threads in the problems section that are not yet solve even if it is weeks/months ago. Possible reasons are:
a) Difficulty of the problem
b) Participation of members in problems section are low.
c) The problem is not clearly stated and ignored by members.
d) Age of post are too old causing members not to see those post.

We must encourage our members to fill up those thread and put the unsolved problems in priority. I suggest that point system for problems secion should be different from normal threads, the older the post the higher point a member can received if solved. If this will be the point system, a certain post will not be solved only because of difficulty.

The main objective is not just to have higher points but to gain more confidence on members that their problems will be solved in this forum.

"If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend six sharpening my ax. "- A. Lincoln
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this is true.
but our point system can`t do it.
we are thinking about this.
as we said before, software & eBook section are not our main section.
here is scientific place that we want to solve our problem.
please wait we`ll do best soon.
but now:

our moderators are very clever & active, they see user activity & give them point if they are more active... they suggest them to be VIP or to candidate for receive medal.
this is more important than point system.
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As our Admin already said - we (forum staff) always reward our members in some way. Every activity (good or bad) is notable to us - good activity that is shown for long time by one and the same member is highly awarded no questions asked (VIP status, donation in points, etc...). Just look at the Member List (can be found in the header of the forum) - sort members by post count and you'll see those members making the largest post count, check the section to which members are posting and check their status (VIPs, moderator, Protector, retied moderators, etc.) - most of them are very active and making good posts to no matter which section and helping others in solving their problems and requests.

Let me be not misunderstood - we don't need members just posting like crazy to fill their post count. We need members making good and usefull posts, concise and clear posts. Beside this, we expect every user making their posts accordint to the forum rules. Read the rules and follow them all the time. If you have some vagueness regarding the rules, you are ALWAYS more than welcome to contact us (forum team) at any time - we are here to help you.

One more thing - nothing lasts forever - we can make you a VIP or Candidate Moderator but we can degrade you to regular member if you're not active in time.
The most valued action here is called HELP! Remeber that! CivilEA held engineers that help each other. Mutual help is what we need here - you help to someone and someone help you - if you're help many members in solving their problems and/ or requests, we'll "help" you and promote you in VIP. And remeber this: no one, not single member of this forum, has never become a VIP over night - it needs time

I believe some of you have already noticed that I very appreciate every bit of help that is pointed to me. I'll reward every member who help me (in points or in some other way). No one who helped me will go unnoticed the same story goes for all other members of the fourm staff - we reward our good members (but also, we warn and ban our bad members!)

Back to post #1:

I believe that not a single problem here is difficult to CivilEA - there is always someone who can resolve your problem, but sometimes language (English) is a big obstacle to our members - some of them (although being anonymous) are afraid to make a post (they are afraid that thy'll say something stupid or wrong or... - people, all discussions have to have some nonsense writtings but this makes discussion goes further, there is always someone having some other point of view that can help you resolve your vagueness...)
All in all - the most of our members are students that can't help you 'cause they are looking for some help...

the same as 1

if the problem is not clearly stated, some member of the forum staff will ask for additional info/ drawing/ image or similar. Believe me as I said this: forum staff reads all of the posts made in day 24-7... I try to read everything posted to CivilEA and if I see some problem with the lack of info, I'll ask for more of the same...

Quote:Age of post are too old causing members not to see those post.
I must admit, I don't understand this - yes there is a lot of "old" posts but if the original poster want this post be resolved he/she is always welcome to make a new reply to the thread he/she composed (but remeber - don't be boring and drudgery asking for help!)
I'm trying to say this (this is good way on how to behave here):

let's say you have a problem - you make a thread called Beam to Problem Section on Feb/02/2011 - no one make a reply to you - you wait for some time and nothing happens - if the problem is of big importance to you and needs to be resolved quickly, you are welcome to make a reply to your thread asking for some response thus refreshing your thread so other members can notice this threa - BUT, if the problem is not so importatn to you, but you'll be glad that problem gets solved in time, please post a reply to your thread in few weeks or month or so...

Hope I've cleared some things (if nothing else, I improved my English today by learning some words as I was writting this)...

With regards,
If any posted material in CivilEA is useful to you, please buy it. Support the authors/developers. By any means you may not use the posted material in CivilEA to make money! Use it only for evaluation!
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in my opinion, problems has to be organized somehow different.

for example, i had posted a problem dealing with rsap software in thread:
Content of this section is hidden, You must be registered and activate your account to see this content. See this link to read how you can remove this limitation:

this thread was originally posted in software problems sections but for some reason, it has moved to engineer problems section "Your Problems In Civil Engineering Will Be solved Here ".

but this has nothing to deal with engineering because it's obvious a bug problem or i'm not using the software with the proper way.

so, i think i would be more preferable to exist a mega section called let's say "problems" with sub-categories e.g. analysis, concrete, software etc
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in my previous post i would like to add that the addition of more prefixes are necessary e.g. rsap, eurocode8 etc. in order to become the problems section more organized
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Now, Points in Problem Sections & CivilEA Discusion Calculated as rates 2. (x2)

Another suggestion Users Donate Points to person That solve their problem.

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