Best text book for Steel Design
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[Problem] Best text book for Steel Design
Dear all!
Plz guide me ; which is the best text book for steel design as per american codes.
Thanks in advance
i like structural steel design by jack mccormac, this was our textbook in college & there is a new edition which i'm still waiting for someone to post here.
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For American code with LRFD design, you can refer the Schaum's outline series book,
"Structural steel design" by Abraham rokach.

It is available in our forum in the following link:

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For LRFD,I like the book "Steel Structures. Design and Behavior" by Salmon & Johnson. Its a very complete book. I use it in my course.

It is available in this forum
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How about for BS code?..Which text book is the best?.. Grin
For BS code, I would like to recommend "Structural steelwork, Design to limit state theory" – T J MacGinley & T C Ang. This book is also available in our forum. This book has presented the basic theory as well as a lot of example make it easy understanding.

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How about the Australian Codes? Can anyone recommend any steel design books based on AS4100?


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