TI 89 Graphing calculator tutor DVD
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[Request] TI 89 Graphing calculator tutor DVD
Hi All,
I just received this Texas Instrument 89 series, and its so unbelievably true that it comes along with a 325 page tutorial book!!

Please I request from those who may be familiar with these models of calculators to avail on the forum , if they have, a TI-89 CALCULATOR TUTOR DVD VOL.1 By Jason Gibson 3-DVDs, or any other in their possession. It may be easier to go about with the DVD tutorials.

I have the TI-92 since more than 10 years. At that time there was no DVD, and think you don't need it too. Simply read the manual. I suspect that you are familiar with computers and math, and if so - you'll have no problem with your calculator.

I should admit that I don't use at all myTI-92 since 2009. I shifted gradually to PocketPC, where there are a bunch of math programs (CAS, and emulators).

There were a lot of Internet forums related to TI calculators, and I think there should be left some enthusiasts still active to help you there. I think that in this forum there is almost nobody to use those 90's beasts.
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Mr. ynopum

There are many apps for smart phone, Spacetime, Pocket CAS for iPhone. However I still could not abandon the Scientific Calculator! It's not easy to use as Calculator.

With regards,

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Thanks ynopum ,
May you elaborate about these pocketPCs.
If I may say, I needed a calc( say it could be a pocketPC just as you are advising), that I can use on the run. It should be able to handle all the advanced maths , and engineering stuff there is ( say through programming by it), handle some software apps too.
I dont know about this additional inclusion but if it could do some microsoft packages ( say pocket excel), it would be so much a boost.

And in case I needed a pocketPC, which one would you advise me to go for and why? I need something to partly replace my laptop.., small sized handheld.

And as Rithy stressed, it should be easy to use it as a calculator.

I will try to to search off the internet as I await your timely advice.

The biggest disadvantage of the PocketPC is the lack of a proper "math" keyboard buttons. I mean those plastic/rubber ones on the calculator. You'll never get that feeling of security that you have when entering numbers and operations on a calculator. I am sure that this is the reason why all of us keep the calculator nearby (i.e. just to calculate 15*16=?).
By the way, my TI received several fist hits, without any damage, so you can release your anger on such machine without being afraid that it can't handle your emotions ;)

For the PocketPC. I have since long time a HP iPAQ hx4700. Later I bought a Toshiba TG01. The last one is just newer, faster, slimmer, has a 3G cell phone, and its battery lasts half the time of the older one. My advice is to buy one with the following features:
0. MOST IMPORTANT: Windows Mobile (WM) OS (not iPhone, nor Android) because the most serious programs run on WM. The other OS (iPhone, Android) have almost only games and agenda programs, and are more "phone oriented" instead of "computer oriented" functions. take care with the new WP7 OS, as it is a cut down version of WM, again more phone-oriented, and I'm not sure if it will run the old software made for WM.
1. Big VGA screen (3~4 inch, resolution at least 640x480).
2. Prefer the resistive screen over capacitive. You can't make easily a precise pointing on the capacitive screen, and you'll need a special stylus with huge tip - actually you must use only your fingertips, and if the program's interface is with small buttons you'll have a lot of troubles.
3. Fast CPU (nowadays this is not a problem), Cell phone, GPS - all these are good to be present if you give a lot of money.

Now, for the software.
There are a lot of scientific calculators. Even full complete emulators of HP48, Sharp PC-500 (also for TI-98, but it works slower than the real TI-98, and sometimes you'll need to press twice on the keys). There are complete CAS systems (i.e. PocketCAS). CAS - Computer algebra system. There is a analogue of MathCAD, called SMATH. Also a perfect program, named MathTablet. There are several program developing packages (except the Microsoft's .NET). I prefer most BASIC4PPC, as it makes .EXE files that run both on the PocketPC and the ordinary PC. You can create complete windows interface (menus, buttons). There are excellent DOS emulators (PocketDOS, DOSbox), and you can run almost any DOS program. There is a program PowerCAD, that opens DWG files (up to version R15, not the newer ones) and runs Autolisp (with some minor modifications). I.e. you can save your DWG drawing in version 2000, then open it everywhere, you can zoom, draw, measure (distances). You can open PDF, DjVu, DOC, PPT, XLS files also. The problem with the XLS files is that the marcos don't run. But if your file don't use VBA, you'll keep it's full functionality.

So, finally - all the buttons appear on the touch screen, and pressing them is not as reliable as if they were plastic.

Compared to a full PC - it lacks the big screen. PocketPC can't run Win32 Applications - you'll need programs compiled for Windows Mobile (I mean: you just can't run your .EXE that runs on the BIG PC, and you must find a special program for PocketPC).

I think the next best thing are those new Windows tablets (my target is HP Slate 500) - it is full Windows 7 tablet PC - you can run any program that runs now on your computer.

But maybe everybody will still need his old calculator, just to get the fast answer of 15*16=?
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Dear Mr. ynopum,

You are the fan of Windows mobile, you always use it, so it's very easy for you to use Windows Mobile phone.
I'm the fan of Microsoft Windows, but i do not like Windows Mobile. I do not like to precise press on the resistive touch screen at all.

For me, the best smart phone is Apple iPhone or Android phone. There are many apps for them, not just games! Qucik Office is also available.

For the tablet PC iPad is the winner.

I feel interest with Android calculator apps: HandyCalc Calculator, I try to find the similar for iPhone but still not find it yet.

handyCalc is a powerful calculator with automatic suggestion and solving which makes it easier to learn and use.
With almost all the features you can imagine on a calculator, waiting for you to explore.

* currency convert, unit convert, graph, solving

Just spend a bit of time to watch it video:
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With regards,

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Rithy, don't start the "advertisement wars" (in this thread about TI-89), please.
I am not a fan - I am using it since 5 years. That's why I recommend it.
You can start a thread for Smartphone OS wars - I'll participate with pleasure. :pilot:
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