Books Request - How to improve the answers quality?
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Books Request - How to improve the answers quality?
Dear members and friends:
I would suggest improvements in the "BOOKS REQUEST SECTION" in order to improve the performance of responses to requests.

All of us are proud of the big number of answers in this section! and Fortunately we have seen many requests met, and with great stuff, but mostly with a link only, instead of a complete post (of course with complete description).

The idea would be to create a mechanism to reward (score) for members, responding to a request, make a complete post in the correct section (using the forum PostGenerator) and just creating a link from the request for the full posting.

I think this would drastically increase the quality of the whole forum and would reward the good posts, and we expect to reduce good answers virtually unnoticed by the simplicity of the post (single link)

I would like to hear opinions and suggestions.


Dell Brett
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I agree with you, friend. I was thinking the same way but I don't know how to make this improvement came true. In most cases when I see a reply with solution/ answer to request, I make a split to post containing download link, I add full info and cover image and move this post (now thread) to corresponding section. We (unfortunately) can't make our members to make those replyes, with requested links, to corresponding section of the forum - this should be an etiquette.

(after making split to post with requested link, I delete thread with request due to the fact request is solved and we don't need this thread any more)

Hmmmm, as I'm writting this - an idea crossed my mind (maybe poor idea, but anyway). Here it goes:
Members asking for some e-book, code, etc. should make their requests by using CivilEA Post Generator. They should fill all of the fields in Post Generator with this small addition:
In the Title field; before title of the book there should be a note writting this [Request] or similar.
In the Download links field there sholud be something like this: Request for links
As someone provide link(s) to the thread, we can move the whole thread to corresponding section and delete only [Request](s) from title of the thread.
I said that this is poor idea because people making requests are mostly leechers and they don't care about the look of the forum - in most cases they don't know how to make a single good post..

Anyway - this is my suggestion... I don't know how to improve this in better way.

With regards,
If any posted material in CivilEA is useful to you, please buy it. Support the authors/developers. By any means you may not use the posted material in CivilEA to make money! Use it only for evaluation!
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Thanks Grunf, but my idea (as always) is keep it simple!

I wouldn´t like to make it harder for anyone to request a book/code/paper. The idea is still as it!

But, the member that post a reply, be encouraged to put a full post! And post as a new post in the right section, and only a note as answer as the request directing to a new link.

The main idea is don´t increase the moderators job, but reward good posters.

Particularly don't like excessive number of awards, scores, polls, etc.. My idea is that it's simple, but clearly seen as an effective mechanism for promotion (to become VIP, upgrade status, etc. ..)

The important is.... Encourage quality posts, without discouraging the simple and direct answers that are also good, useful and necessary.

Let´s see more point of view!

My best regards.

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