Dividing Steel Books section
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Dividing Steel Books section
Dear Admin , moderators , and all members
now the steel item is playing an influenced role in our civilization life, and our forum is the most forum I have ever seen intrested in steel branch
so, my suggestion is to divide the steel books section as the following
1. Academic books
under this title we put all related materials ( books , master degrees , codes , manuals , searching,news, .. etc - other meaning we can join papers and books together under the above title
2. example and solved proplems
under this title we put all related materials ( example , solved proplems , calculation sheets , and discussion about any actual project under design , sharing existing projects especially which constructed by members
3. fabrication
fabrication is the (horse stall) - because there is no meaning to design without knowing HOW TO FABRICATE
under this title we put all related materials ( all the welding technology , welding types and how to apply, welding machine type and how to use , famous factories arround the wrold ,
4.method of statement
under this title we put all related materials ( installation method , equipments which used in erection, site proplems , safty ..... etc )

I know in advance it will be hard work for moderators and any one related to move the posts and rearrange it , but at least let us to start and work partially with the available time
believe me (the steel ) is very important branch and deserves that
thanks in advace even my suggestion will be rejected

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Dividing put higher load on server, your Idea was good but i think it i soon for doing it.

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I totally agree with you Admin!
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Dear Admin.
you have right but I didn't intend to create extra sections
so, we can try by another way

1. stop threads and close the existing steel section

2.establish the new devisions and put the new threads under the related title

3. with passing time,transfer the old threads from the closed section to the new divisions until to delete the old section

4. about the load on server I think the same load for server will still as it is if we merge the related subjects for example (photo , video , papers ...... etc.) with the new division

in general we can delete some divisions and merge it with the main section to keep the same load of server as it is

thanks in advance , and I hope to keep this idea in your future planing


Your intention is good. However i reckon its implementation will affect the current system of the forum.

1) All the four categories in your proposal involve material outside STEEL book section. Not only that, the 'example and solved problem material' are scattered in a few subsection (some in DISCUSSION section, the same moderator may not to do the job). To close all the thread is not justifiable as other material than STEEL are in them.

2) If we do it for STEEL, how about other material like CONCRETE, COMPOSITE, TIMBER?

3) Should we merge back the STEEL from bridge section?

For that, i suggest if we are going to sub divide the STEEL book section, do it only for the material as already in the STEEL book section like design orientated book like material from SCI, academic text book like Mc Cormac's, fabrication/erection related book, etc.
concrete solution advocate
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Dear Dell Brett , concreteok
that was only suggestion, but ( the thing which we cann't achieve totally , we shouldn't let it totally )
Do we can create only fabrication and erection section ?????
because we have a shortage on both
in the end , I introduce my thanks for you and Admin until if nothing was done
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