PE enginner
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PE enginner
hello to everyone
does we have here any PE engineer who is licensed.
If so , i wanted to asked about the test
Best Regards
Dear yly8 -

Please check the forum. There are all the resources that you will need - books, sample exam questions, etc.

Since you are in the US, I suggest you contact the PEs in your company or locally. They can give you quicker advise than the long distance over this forum.

One thing that I will suggest, though it is not a killer. Please improve your written English. Basically your grammer. Do remember that PE is a legal license. It does grant you authority to decide on issues that may cause harm to public in future through acts of god etc. But not through misinterpretations from language, technical competence, etc.

Yes, I am PE since 1989.
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to : ravisbassi
Thank you about your time replying my post.
First of all i have read all about PE license and i think i am pretty well informed in the rules that have to be followed.
What my post had to do with was to seek any PE engineer just to get more information about the test procedure (ex. are the question as they are on the books that publish PPE ).
About i think that is the best site about engineering and i don't know if is any site on another field that offer such professional literature. Even i think, and i have said this to my greatest friends that use, that the creator of this site must be awarded with Nobel prize in science developing. Here all the engineers that post and download you can call with two words : GOOD PEOPLE.
For my English, yes i know that is not such good, but the critics always i accept. They makes me work harder.
OK thank you again ravisbassi, bee cool
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