I can't view my post
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I can't view my post
I can't view my post in the following thread:

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There should be a second reply - mine. Is it visible for the others? I can view it only by clicking 'last post'.

Yes, I can see it, don't worry, maybe you should try with other browser.
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Under the thread, I saw your reply as #3. I have replied as #4. It all should be up there.

By the way, I do not think you can reply to your own reply. You can add-modify or whatever, but the reply is reserved for others. Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.
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Thank you very much! I'm calm now.

Maybe there is any bug. Here is a screenshot, so that moderators can see what I see. The third post (second reply) is missing. (In other thread I can view my posts. What is the problem? I use Mozilla Firefox 3.6.*)

[Image: 93160102223033336057.png]
I tried to view my post in IE 8, but the result is the same. The problem is not the browser. I suppose that the problem is in tthe option 'save draft'.

Initially I saved this post as draft. I edited it and posted. I hadn't used this option before, and there had been no problems.

Be cautious when using the option 'save as draft':

1. If you save as draft any formated text (e.g. via post generator), you will not be able to edit it and will lose it (this already has been reported as a bug)

2. If you save plain text, there is a risk to happens the same that has happened to me.
I can't find the thread reffered above. Obviously it has been deleted. (I can't imagine why)

But today I met the same problem in another thread containing my post. And I found a solution!

Normally, I view the posts in threded mode. Viewing in linear mode solves the problem!

I suppose this can help someone.

Many thanks to those who tried to help me!

Best regards
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