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CivilEA Manual
CivilEA Manual

Dear CivilEA users,

It's my pleasure to introduce the first manual for this wonderful place called CivilEA. Every single member of the Forum Team is meritorious and creditable for making this manual. We all put a lot of time to make this came true.

If you find any kind of mistakes, misunderstandings, faults or spelling mistakes - you are always free to contact us via PM or Profile Comments or by making post to this thread (just please, do not make posts containing only sentences like "Thanks" or "Not useful" or something similar - make whole sentences, give us your suggestions or start discussions)

There is not much to say about this Manual. There you can expect some useful hints and help on how to make good posts, how to use Post Generator, what is the meaning of the warning points and how to avoid getting warning points. Manual is going to be redesigned and improved and it will be done as soon as we find some spare time - your suggestions to 2nd Edition (that will be made) are always welcome.

So here it is:


Best regards,
Forum Team

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.pdf   CivilEA\'s User Manual (1st Ed) (Size: 927.43 KB / Downloads: 458)
If any posted material in CivilEA is useful to you, please buy it. Support the authors/developers. By any means you may not use the posted material in CivilEA to make money! Use it only for evaluation!
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As many good things in this forum this manual link was gone. Our retired moderator Grunf after asking him send me a copy of his manual and i recommend it even if is an old edition to all our members never reading it or forgetting it.

[Image: 59296084860733212250.gif]

[Image: 05873387405699865134.gif]

[Image: 12802267523586392681.gif]

[Image: 57999472019702140094.gif]

[Image: 40244153124296852160.gif]

[Image: 49825217134127221286.gif]

[Image: 18847631526782180496.gif]

[Image: 55633374404070410094.gif]

[Image: 23746923211622512421.gif]

[Image: 98495729240445674716.gif]

[Image: 85724460146805508271.gif]

[Image: 84273404335291506985.gif]

[Image: 21025158314286557258.gif]

[Image: 00521981968477002366.gif]

[Image: 66502882473028753874.gif]

[Image: 00449307023912782922.gif]

[Image: 45084094807510807155.gif]

[Image: 11420070105141174631.gif]
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