Rank of users and options enabled
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[SUGGESTION] Rank of users and options enabled
Dear moderators and Admin,

I think, there is  a necessity to be posted a list of options that are enabled only for registered users/vips/moderators when they post, use their CP, ect.

For example, I've found that I can't send private messages (probably, because of my rank?). I read that someone, also inactive, had tried to attach a file but he/she couldn't (because of the rank). Another one had inserted a hyperlink (such option exists) and received warning.

That's why, please, provide us with some more clearness about the dependence of the options enabled  on the rank of the user. I suppose, it will not cost you so much effort, but will be very useful to all - both inactive users and moderators. Knowing what we are allowed to do and what - not, we will not spend time in trying disabled options,  and reporting non-existing bugs. This will save your time too.

Excuse me, in the case that all this is somewhere explained. I read the rules, I searched by key words, but I could't find.

Thank you in advance,
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Thanks for your interest and participation, datagap,

Private messages are temporarily disabled for membres because we had problems with excessive load on our server, (consumed too much bandwidth). This and other small problems must be resolved so that the forum host change. It is a situation that our Administrator is working and is a consequence of the high growth of the forum in recent months.
There are no dependence of the member's "score".
As for having a "member's manual", you are entirely correct in his observations and findings of necessity, so that one of our best moderator (Grunf) has done an excellent draft that is the Administrator for review and implementation. Just wait!

Keep in activity


Dell Brett
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datagap wrote:
...Another one had inserted a hyperlink (such option exists) and received warning.

We also have "Insert formatted code" which has to use together with "inserted a hyperlink" in order to get not transparent links. We have tools, but some users don't notice until they get warning, then they start reading forum rules.
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We want to change permissions to all level, let us be stable in our host then we publish list of permissions...



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I think anything that anybody posts in the forums should not be accesable to outside web crawlers, search engines etc. If it is possible. May be everything posted here in the forums should only be readable and searchable to people who log in as a user or guest. This would prevent the forum from outside attacks. It would make it easy for administrators to judge fake users.
There already exists a feature like this in the forum. The content of thread/posts, especially download links and many other important information are hidden for others. Only registerd users can see those contents.

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Always do what you are afraid to do...
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