Question about super heavy dynamic penetration
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Question about super heavy dynamic penetration
Dear members,

I have a device like the one in the picture attached.
LMSR-vk is able to perform the following DCP methods:
1. DPL (dynamic probing light) 10 kg / 50 cm
2. DPM (dynamic probing medium) 30 kg / 50 cm
3. DPH (dynamic probing heavy) 50 kg / 50 cm
4. DPSH-A (dynamic probing super heavy) 63,5 kg / 50 cm.
5. DPSH-B (dynamic probing super heavy) 63,5 kg / 75 cm.
Curently i am using the DPSH-B with readings of N at every 20cm (N20)

I am interesting in using the program NOVOSPT. For that i have to convert the N20 in N60 . Can anyoane help me in this problem? A book or a code will be very appreciated.

thank you in advance

[Image: 16776217131480353858.jpg]

From my experience, the correlation between DPSH tests and SPT depends largely on the local conditions, so what we usually do is the following:
- establish a preliminary geotechnical investigation programme with a couple of SPT's and DPSH's in the same locations;
- establish correlations between DPSH and SPT with sufficient reliability;
- use the DPSH to refine the mesh of the site investigation.

Hope it helped.
Best regards.
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You may go to this thread:
Pile Tip Investigation Method: "Modified Penetration Test"
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The main idea is same as post:#2. I hope it may give you some idea "how".

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