I need help from Civil 3D users
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I need help from Civil 3D users
Hello all!!
I`v design a road and i want to put in in Google Earth but the width of polylines is missing.
(because with a global width 6.5m polyline i`v drown the road) but i google earth it becames a simple polyline without width.

1- can i export from civil to google without losing the caracteristics of the design?
2- can i transform a map (or a areal photo) in Civil 3D to look like in 3D because i have the contours of the area (i have points with x,y and z, so i can generate the contours)

Many thanks!!!
I have done this before, and used google sketchup.

1. I couldnt do it.

2. Yes you can. First you need to use in express tools "image cleanup" and go to simplify polylines with a factor (otherwise it will be to big file and a lot of processor time will be spent)
From there on you can create 3d rendering of counour lines.
But i didnt do it here, I sent them to sketchup and made terrain there.
I then made the road alignment in civil3d - use "convert to 3d polyline".
Use this to create real view of road.
You can then place that model in google maps from sketchup

If you dont understand something let me know.
I can also send you some pictures so you cand see how it looks like
Thanks a lot!
i didn`t undestund for the moment, but i will try.
if you have any picture, it will be esyer for me.

many thanks!!
please,just cheek your setting very well, while you decide to convert the polyline to alignment. This might be you was unable or you have changed your default setting while you work. Autocad Civil is user friendly software. Just feel free and cheek your setting,if you are unable then i will send a video that will enable you to work freely with the software.

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