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Can we change the minimum length for search word to 3. PCA, CSI, CSC, .... are all very popular software packages but it is hard to search for them. A recent post asked for PCA software and we have a thread for that, but if you used search, PCA it will not work and if you use PCA + any other thing, it will skip PCA and search only for words 4 letters and up.

Unless I am doing something wrong or there are better ways to search for 3 letter software, I think it will be helpful if we can have minimum number of letters in word set to 3

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Dear admin,

I have a suggetion, Mr. Solution has more ideas, why don't you give him more resposibility so that our forum will get better.. I don't know what is other's idea on this

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it is right

i try to change minimum limitation of search to 3.
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