appointment referee
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appointment referee
Dear Admin
after the wide jump for our forum to be the best forum in the world , and all of us saw the improvement touched every thing
so , my suggestion come as the following
1. change this section name from ( suggestions ) to ( suggestions & complains )
2. appointment a referee from the best moderators be responsible about this section
3. the referee responsibilities , to review the warnings from moderators & check applieng rules by the right way & receive the complains from members and the final decision will be from him
this suggestion because the moderators have a heavy tasks and they are not angels or prophets and the human mistaks will be done
so , all of us keep in his mind that we are engineers and we are in a civil forum
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I`m agree with you, & will be done this in near future

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Dear Administrator:

- There's no doubt we are experiencing a strong maturation of the forum! This is great!
I think, however, that before implementing these new procedures, we should have a series of meetings with the moderators to align certain behaviors. It has been claimed by BennyP and Grunf for some time, with our fully agreement, and I think it's time to put into practice!

My best regards

Dell Brett
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