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Editting post
Hi Admin and Mods!

I would like to check with you is there any particular reason that you do not allow people to edit their post?

I uploaded my very first file to contribute to the community, but from time to time I will receive feedback from user that there are something missing from the installation package or the link is dead after some time.

By having the flexibility to update the post we can easily update and consolidate everything rather than keep giving new post with new mirrors which makes the topic looks long and people have problem identifying which link is the correct one.

Thank you
And I seem not able to PM any Mod to ask them to change / update my links... :(
Dear Iazo, thanks for your participation and interest!
The forum is being set for some minor bugs remaining. Soon everyone will have the full operation.

Edit a post by the author is only possible up to half an hour after your post. If now is not working, be patient it will work again soon.
It's not possible be permanent, because we would lose control over the forum and the posts could be changed without the knowledge and consent of the administrator or moderators. This is the job of the moderators (to keep the forum clean)

Members can use a REPORT button to advise us about DEAD links.
New versions, editions, complementary information must be done as a new reply or in the right section (for software, now is separated main information to complementary, problems, further information - Pay attention and ready forum rules and new changes).

Hope it's clear for you, see our points and, naturally, fell free to ask us if any doubt persists.


Dell Brett
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