Constitutive modeling in soils
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Constitutive modeling in soils
Does anybody know how to start writting your own constitutive model based on tests that you've done in lab (triaxial test and oedometer test).
Is there some procedure that you have to stick by.
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I'm not an expert by any means on constitutive models but from what I know you should be doing this the other way around: first select available models in the books and see if your experiential data fits,, if not modify the model accordingly. There are several books and journal paper collections posted on the forum available to you.
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first u must choose suitable framework.
such as critical state soil mechanics based models or umm generalized plasticty with desired hardening or softening rules... and u must be familar with basic idea such as yeilding rule and flow rule .u can read about these concepts in plastisity books.
what kind of bihaviour do u want to model? and with a what accuracy?
do u want to model anisitropy or cyclic behaviour of soils such as saturated sands? then u require more subject to read and learn.
all of the presented models are limited for reperesentaion of some characterstic of soils. neither of them can represent behaviuor of soils in the all of states. so u must choose desired state... as a offer: if u like to model static behaviour of clays. critical sate soil mech, based models such as cam clay family models are suitable... and if u want to model cyclic behaviour of soils specially sands and liquifaction phenomena u can use bunding surface family models...good luck
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I'm not an expert but I hope book in the following link provides some initial guidance in understandig
[Image: Download.png]

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I know about this book, and I have it. But although that it's the best book in that field, it doesn't give you what you need for modeling. At least not in the way I'd like

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