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I'm actually wondering , the importance of the signature .

Do I need to have a fancy signature so that it's hard for others to make the same !

Can my signature be my name ?!

Thanks in advance.
The signature isn´t important!
You can write something that you want! A small message, a cogitation...

Most of the member have no signature!


Dell Brett
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Thanks for the reply .

Sorry for bieng unclear , what I meant was the real world signature.

Like ; Signing contracts ....etc

You can have what ever you want in your signature - just do NOT put in signature any kind of link (code proteced nor transparent), do NOT advertise or promote something, do NOT put pictures (all in all I believe you can't have a picute (image) in your signature), do NOT insult or something similar...

Put your name (nick name, user name) or part of some song, or some cogitation or message (as Dell mentioned above) - it is up to you.

We are here all anonymous. This is virtual world here, so there is no need to have signatures like in the real world as you mentioned. It is really up to you what should be in your signature

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C'mon! he is asking about the sign he puts with a pen on the drawings, reports, contracts, etc. Not for this one in the forum!

I think it depends on the country - it maybe not so important at some places. In some countries there are quite strict laws about that, and nobody will accept unsigned drawings/reports - they are just assumed as "invalid".

On the other hand, your direct question: YES, your signature should be complicated, and you (and only you) should be able to reproduce it. If somethings happens then an expert would be hired to check the signature (usually he works for the Police). And my recommendation - if you don't want to sign something ALWAYS write a signed report that you are not signing for such-and-such reasons.

For the ordinary drawings/reports in most of the cases the signature doesn't matter, because the responsibility is taken from "top-to-down" hierarchy. That means your chief covers your mistakes, etc. But it again depends on the country rules. Another case is if you are doing some review/check/expertize - then you are quite responsible, and you should take care about the possibility that somebody can produce a fake document with your signature.

These days we are living in quite open societies, so these cases are emerging less than, say 50 years ago.

I don't think that just writing your name is a good idea :JC_shakehead:
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Thanks for the replies . . .

I totally agree with what you've just mentioned my dear friend.

Well , coming up with a fancy signature which is hard to forger is the goal.

Thanks Again,

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