new section for general repairing
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new section for general repairing
Dear Admin
I hope to be fine
My Suggestion is creating a new section for general repairing specially repairing concrete
and the new section will include the following
1. repairing concrete , roads , railways , buldings , steel structure , etc
2. all related videos , photos , papers , and also books should be posted in this section
and moving all related Subjects in the fourm to this sec.
3. the materials which are using in reparing and its datd sheets
4. the famous companies in the repairing field and its products
5. the concrete admix. and its effects in concrete characteristics
from my side , the modefications on my Suggestion are available for all
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Instead of repair, probably "Rehabilitation/Retrofit". In some economies, the focus is now shifting to this effort since the infrastructure is getting old, and in need of physical repair or to upgrade to meet current code standards. Many structures that are currently code grandfathered probably need some type of upgrade (partial/full) if there is addition or change of ownership in certain parts of the world.
Since the topic covers the breath of civil engineering, this could be either a standalone section with subheadings for various disciplines (concrete, steel, geotech, water etc.) or be a separate subheading within each existing compartments. Either way is fine provided the information is readily retrievable through search.
The biggest effort will be moving the various items as presently arranged; it will involve many hiccups and active participation from all forum members to finally give it the final shape. Obviously a collective teamwork.
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I think existing sections cover your idea & there is no need to open new section for it.May be in future it need Wink
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