Steel Joist Analysis
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Steel Joist Analysis
Steel Joist Analysis

[Image: 92342152955542360335.jpg]

[Image: 35907309332884635579.jpg]

[Image: 23351045355843786156.jpg]

[Image: 08461833393406484022.jpg]

[Image: 40795841930022879945.jpg]

Spreadsheet program written in MS-Excel for the purpose of analysis of steel joists considered as simple-span beams subjected to virtually any type of loading configuration. Specifically, beam end reactions as well as the maximum moments and deflections are calculated. Plots of both the shear and moment diagrams are produced, as well as a tabulation of the shear, moment, slope, and deflection for the joist span. There are two worksheets for selecting K-series and LH-series joists, and 2 worksheets which are the SJI Standard Load Tables.

- General standard joist analysis for steel joists for non-standard loads
- Analysis for typical, standard loaded, open-web K-series steel joists
- Standard (SJI) load table for open-web K-series steel joists
- Analysis for non-standard loaded, open-web KCS-series steel joists
- Load table for open-web KCS-series steel joists
- Analysis for typical, standard loaded, longspan LH-series steel joists
- Standard (SJI) load table for longspan LH-series steel joists

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