Poll: Best Moderator of CivilEA.com [2010] is:
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144 44.58%
6 1.86%
Dell Brett
64 19.81%
63 19.50%
19 5.88%
12 3.72%
7 2.17%
8 2.48%
Total 323 vote(s) 100%
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Best Moderator [2010]
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Best Moderator [2010]
all moderator of civilea are best user & best civil engineers in the world, all of them works hard here, spend their times to have dynamic place....
with their works now Civlea.com is the best civil engineering site in the world ...

but we want to know which of them is best & why?

please vote & post your comments here ....:JC_handshake:

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Dear Admin and All moderators
from my internal I Love this forum which learned me the actual engineering
without any compliment or taking sides I expect BennyP will come in the first without competitor
so , in my poor opinion I suggest to admin in 2010 to put BennyP out of the voting to give the other moderators a good opportunity to appear and express about themselves good
also I suggest to creat a new position to be suitable to BennyP for example ( representative )
because BennyP deserves to appreciate from all
best regards
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As far as my PERSONAL POSTINGS go:

1- Dell Brett
2- Grunf
3- Benny P

Have been the main contributors. Admin I will humbly suggest we do this in a point system so that people can vote for more than one if they so wish to. Also, I suggest we let people pick up to 3 moderators (Giving #1 = 3pts, #2 = 2pts and #3 = 1pt). Give or take.

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Hi Moderators,
All of you are the best.Thank you very much. You are hard Workers.
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all the moderators are damn good.... damn damn good
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All mods are the best.
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I voted for bennyp, consider the times and efforts that he had put on .
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all moderators in civilea are doing their best for the progress of this site and helping many members for their many problems in civil engineering. I'm very lucky to find civilea because its a big help for me. I voted Dell Brett.
We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.
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Well difficult to judge because the forum itself is the collective effort and credit goes to all the moderators who spend lots of time to make this forum the best in terms of informative, knowledgeable and off course ocean of various software worldwide...

i rate BennyP as the best moderator... well sometimes people dont like him because of his aggressiveness but ... i think it is required to make this forum away from the spammers .... it does not mean others are not... though i am registered from quite long ago and posted few but still i got warnings whenever i made mistake and this is acceptable to maintain the standards...

II - Kowheng
III- Dell Brett
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is hard to make a decisions who's best, all doing great jobs. if i should take voting and it's a must, i'll vote Grunf and kowheng since he's a moderator for e-book and provider, he makes great contribution to my knowledge.
argh my big mistake. i miss Dell Bret from that list, forgive me DB. rgd
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