Seismic Load Analysis: IBC2003/ASCE7-02
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Seismic Load Analysis: IBC2003/ASCE7-02
Seismic Load Analysis: IBC2003/ASCE7-02

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Spreadsheet program written in MS-Excel for the purpose of seismic loading analysis for buildings and various nonbuilding structures, as well as architectural, mechanical, and electrical components per the IBC 2003 and ASCE 7-02 Codes.
Specifically, the total base seismic shear for buildings and nonbuilding structures is calculated. For Multi-Level Buildings, the vertical distribution of the total seismic shear is also determined, and a drift analysis can also be performed.. The seismic restraint force for various components is also calculated.

- Seismic base shear for single-level buildings
- Seismic base shear and vertical shear distribution for multi-level buildings
- Seismic story drift analysis for multi-level buildings
- Seismic base shear and overturning moment for vertical tanks and vessels
- Seismic base shear and overturning moment for nonbuilding structures
- Seismic force for architectural components
- Seismic force for mechanical and electrical components
- 1996 NEHRP (USGS) maps for 0.2 sec. spectral acceleration with 2% P.E.
- 1996 NEHRP (USGS) maps for 1.0 sec. spectral acceleration with 2% P.E.

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