BIM (Building information management) is the future. We need to start working hard on preparing the members of this forum for this new Era by sharing tutorials and video and providing help for newbies. For structural engineers, one big issue is exchanging BIM with popular analysis software, we need to work on that.

Also, since we talked about CAD sections, we can have a section for BIM families and also how to create our own. Personally I faced problems detailing in Revit structural. I know it is doable but need to figure out how. Also BIM provide a good platform for programming. Similar to LISP in Auto cad, we can create out own routines that do common things like designing simple connections based on forces from analysis software. I have seen this routine long time ago but I was not able to find it again.


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this is good idea.
we will try to share our knowledge with others.

we added autocad structural section today.

if any new section is needed tell to discuss about it
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