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RE: BENNY K user problem
Dear BennyP, in this big forum there must have some bad guy but their no is very small. They don't obey rule neither to try and if any moderator do their job they try to punish them. We know what is you and other moderator's contribution to this forum. Please don't dis hearted otherwise those bad people will win.
Men Build too many walls not enough bridges.
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faros3000 wrote:-
...Unfortunately for you, it is the exclusive personal property of one guy that you, as not being a VIP for now ,will only know as "The Admin". And in Admin´s house, there are fellow friends of him....
iceman84 wrote:-
...If we don't agree with the way in which these rules are applied, we should leave or we should try some other associations where the rules are better and where there is no "clique" or "fiefdom'....
I knew that stooges/clowns like you (by now), must be sharpening their clawless muscles to put up a fight against me. For one, I am sorry for you that at your age, you have not yet gained independence; as such you still reason and talk like a toddlers. Read your statement again. Are you trying to compose a poem or are you actually trying to display your ignorance? Despite your clowning, you are not even able to put across the information that you wanted to convey. So, I think that you should first try to learn enough English language before you write non-sense against me.
Those who hid their manhood in between their legs just to do follow- follow do not deserved to be called men. So, I do not have anything to tell you now, I will wait until you are able to communicate to the level that I could understand you. It is then that I will write you a reply.
Again, iceman84 was suggesting that I leave. What do you think that it will happen if I leave? Will it make me to leave my job or bring me into mental imprisonment in which you are? You made a mistake and displayed ignorance that a primary school boy could not display. I corrected you and since then you have been nursing this brutal feeling against me. Well, I already know that those you and your likes want in this association are people who will watch and will not even know when you have made a mess that will send the whole enlightened people laughing.
I know that we have mannered and very intelligent people here. But people like you still abound; the bad hands that spoil the broth.
Sorry to disturb the frolicking, but isnt't this conversation getting a bit too bitter and personal?

Best regards,

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Please STOP. Our main aim to join this forum is to learn, share and get other benefits. I am member of different forums, but those forums are not that efficient like this----because the way that Admin control this, the way he select moderators and any key personals. For their constant effort we are all benefited. I am very sad to see that for some new controversial members some high ranking(means high contributor) members are fighting with each other that means dividing the forum and reducing its efficiency.
As we are assured that moderators and admin has good inter communication and this "BAN" or "Warning" is happen according to rule so what is the problem. This POLICY is proved effective because CivilEA is became largest forum for civil engineers.

I also agree with Dell Brett
Let's do engineering!
Men Build too many walls not enough bridges.
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STOP talking about banned user.

i told you before we have permit to select user for access here.
we have more important discussion here ...

if see any new discussion about banned user i`ll ban all user take part discussion ...

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