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Hi every body,
I have a problem in IDE-CAD programe , which is ;
After i install the programe , and run it a msg show says " this programe can't run on this operating system".
P.S: I have Windows Vista...and i tried ide-cad version 5 and 6 ,but the same problem.

Any help >?
You forgot to specify if your system is 32bit or 64bit.
Anyway, i installed for checking version 5 architectural and structural too in Windows 7 64 bits so if you love yourself change your Vista for any other system operation.
The only other Microsoft operation system worse than Vista was Windows Millenium.
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My sysmtem is 32 there any hope to install the program on my computer?
When i posted the program i installed it in XP 32 and now in Windows 7 64bit for checking (trying to help you). It works in any system. Take my advice and change your Vista for other operation system 32 or 64.
Would you please provide a link to this program?
Would you please search the forum for it and stop spamming. You have too much warnings for spamming right now so is time to stop.

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