Google Book Problem
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Google Book Problem
Dear all members of CivilEA
I think we all know there are a lot of good civil engineering books available at Google-Book.
Sadly, in limited number only the books that can be fully downloaded
Many good book available but some of the important parts of the book blocked / can not be displayed.
I need suggestion / hint / tricks to remove that blocks so that I can fully download all parts of the book in Google-Book
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The only trick is to be personal friend with somebody who works in Google and has to have an internal access to the scanned pages. Of course this person should be ready to be fired for making such favor to you.

As far as I know - some pages (10%) are just missing, and there is no way to get access to them - even if you wait years - these are just simply missing, and will never appear on-line. Usually you can download about 80~90% not more.

Also there are some books which have their pictures damaged (saying that this is a copyrighted image). This makes the book almost useless if those pictures are some important graphs.

Another thing is that some books were removed from the preview access, maybe because of the authors' complain. Those books were accessible before several months.

What I can suggest - to download as much as you can from Google, and then borrow the book from a library and scan the missing pages only. You can save a lot of work this way.

Some years ago I contacted Google, because I wished to purchase the scanned copy, not the paper one. But they said simply that they don't sell the digital copies.

Also you can find some of the scanwork very poorly done, but this is quite rare case.

So, no hope at all :dash2: - except to scan the books by yourself.

Of course is perfect if you want to check how the book looks like, what is roughly inside, the stile of the writing. I would never bought some books if I knew before how poor they are. And now I saved some money because Google "opened" the book I was thinking to be superb, just because the title sounded good - but inside it was complete misery. So let's hail Google thumbup , at least for that.
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