Shear Wall Highly Stress at Corner
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Shear Wall Highly Stress at Corner
Anyone please guide me on how to cater the high stress at wall corner? My analysis is from ETABS.
Provide BOUNDARY ELEMENTS at corners
Dear Aslam, could you please explain clearly?

Check ACI 318 chapter 21, there you can find requirements for boundary elements.

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If you are asking how to do it at the corners look at the CSI Etabs video for Shear Walls Meshing:
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Select the: Wall Meshing (6 min) video.

I hope this answers your question.

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mdmh10 : i am not talking about meshing. There is no problem with my mesh. If u have the experience for designing shear wall b4 then definitely u will notice that the wall's corner will be highly stressed (compression).

Chrono146: Could u please explain into details and give an example. (is that what you mean to add a support at the corner?

It is just an imperfection of FEM method.
Use values that are a bit further from the edge.
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Are u sure i can use the value which is further from the corner? Could any members give some comments? how further from the edge should we use?
For example, in a 500x500mm wall element, i found that the value at corner is 3599KN/m but at the middle of the element, it's actually just 2000KN/m.
If I understand you well, I think, you are talking of increased stresses that result due to the intersection of stresses from the walls that meet at the corner. If that is the case, provide extra corner reinforcement.
Not necessary to be walls meet at corner. For example,20 storey high RC Wall which sitting on the strip beam and the beam is supported by piles. So, when i look at the axial load of the wall from Elevation, it shows me a very high stress at both corner. How to cater this large axial force?

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