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[Request] Skyscrapers
I need some plans, elevations in pdf, doesn't matter, for a skycraper for a school project.
I found interesting the US bank centre seattle (I really like the structure - but I've only a ground structural plan).
Can somebody help me!? Thanks.
Mr. Sorin86p:

I doubt that you would be able to have that structural plan unless someone from Seattle is able to visit it personally and make a quick draft. I am unable to tell what country you are from, but after the 9-11 incident, you may want to try to simply make an estimate of the building from Google Earth, assume for columns to be 9 meters (about 32 feet) away from each other at most.

This is the address:
US bank centre seattle
1420 5th Ave
Seattle, WA 98101

It was designed by Callison Architecture, you may try to talk to them, but unfortunately I doubt they will release any information, even for educational purposes. I have placed their phone number underneath in the event that you feel lucky.

Callison Architecture
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Best of lucks in your studies, MDMH

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