NETHERLANDS - G.T.B. complete edition 2006 (Dutch Language)
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NETHERLANDS - G.T.B. complete edition 2006 (Dutch Language)
G.T.B. complete edition 2006 (Dutch Language)

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GTB 2006 Complete Edition now for € 45, - - (purchase price was € 195, - -)

Eurocode 2 (concrete) is expected during 2011. After then the construction (work) decides to take effect. At present and in the coming years is expected to VBC still be applied.

If you are not in possession of the GTB 2006, based on the BCA and want at the last minute can still buy that for a small fee: € 45, - -.

Note that the new GTB 2010, based on the Eurocode, is expected to appear later this year.

Charts and Tables for the manual design of concrete structures based on the BCA 1995, including amendment A3.

This loose-leaf system is a useful tool for the engineer in a rapid manner, without computers, a design calculation to determine whether the results of a computer calculation to check in outline. Even simple prestressed concrete structures can now be calculated.

It also contains flow charts necessary to determine the environmental class (es).

For students starting in September is also the G.T.B. 2006 limited edition available.

In the world of concrete manufacturers GTB is an understanding. The publication "Charts and Tables for Concrete" for over forty years an important tool for quick calculation of concrete structures to be implemented at an early stage of the design the outline of the construction to indicate if a rapid test of an existing construction to be performed. The phrase "it is in the GTB" in manufacturer country a synonym for "it is in the norm". In the beginning, when the computer arrives barely had done was for the manufacturer, even a tool to quickly calculate using charts to calculate a structure without ever own do not re-invent the wheel.

But today, in which the computer since the introduction of the PC on the desks no longer imagine a digital tool, the GTB appears to have retained its value. Checking in outline of the paper deal with exports, the computer produces, by using the GTB manageable.

Revision of the GTB is desired by the force of the amendment A3 VBC based on the new Europe, concrete technology standards. Introduction of Eurocode 2, the European standard constructor, the only applicable standard in the Netherlands, is not expected to be the case in 2010.

On August 30 is the first complete edition copy of the GTB in 2006 by the Vice-President of the Concrete Society, Professor Dr D.A. Hordijk handed to Mr. G.J.R. Wolters, Inspector-General of Housing Inspection, and the importance of a good choice for building a local environmental group (s) highlighted by the manufacturer.

In his acceptance speech showed the Inspector General of the GTB function plays in maintaining the structural safety of buildings, a topical issue given the recent incidents.

The status that the document obtained and ease of use help with their manufacturers not an easy task. The availability of this revised edition is of great importance to the profession.


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