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CivilEA Rank

in announce of header of site we want you to install Alexa toolbar, the we want you to make a comment on alexa for CivilEA, up to day we have only 33comments there this is very low for our forum with more than 30,000 user....

we need to improve our ranks, we need your help in this way ...

we want you to install alexa toolbar, this toolbar is useful for you too...

Download the Alexa Toolbar!

then sign up in alexa (you can use your facebook account too) to make a review for our site :

Write a Review for

thanks all for your support
we like to use your experience of you for SEO or improve ranks ... call me here ...


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Our ranks in alexa decreased to 53000 (from 20000), due to our last problem in server.
Kindly requested to pay especial attention to download and install alexa toolbar and write comment on alexa site to back.

Thank You
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Dear M,

why the Alexa rank is important? I made my part of the job in Alexa - downloaded the toolbar (not used very long and deleted recently) and I was one of the first members wrote a comment... But why is this so important? Maybe if our members would be aware of its importance, more of them would make his/ hers input there.

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^ there are some major benefit for us. for example, By increase Alexa rank or Google rank, we can give more advertisement from others. by giving advertise we can give user more facilities.
by increasing rank we can attract more engineers that may can useful for us, we are global and want to see all civil engineering here.
we want to be better we want to be best (as now we are)/

There are some other benefit for us (=all users).

Than You.
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