SOFiSTiK. Removing company information from Ursula
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[Request] SOFiSTiK. Removing company information from Ursula
Does anybody know how to remove the information of the company from Sofistik v23's Ursula? Ursula is Sofistik's report generator, and in its version v23, downloaded from the links found in this forum, it displays information about some Athens company.
I tried changing the page configuration, but I could not make it work.
Thank you!
Dear josmmg,

In order to remove the logo, you have to change from the teddy the output options (command line) and especially from the command below, the form must be 1. Afterwards, from the Ursula you change the page ssetting and either you import a new logo, or leave it blank.

page0=page 1 marg 5 line 96 form 1 lano
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Thank you, wobmot.

However, I am not sure if you understood my question.
What I am trying to do is not to remove the Sofistik logo and change it for another one.
What I would like to do is to completely remove the information about the company that owns the Sofistik licence.
If I am right, all options in PAGE command, record FORM, are different forms to display this information.

Can I just show a blank page head in Ursula? Going further, can I change this displayed information for any other I want?

Thank you
work around on removing anything before printing on paper.

1. print any document to file in pdf format, i use "doPDF v6"
2. edit the pdf file, i use "Nitro PDF Professional"
3. print the document using any printer
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Dear josmmg,

The Tip I wrote in my previous post is the one I am using. After you execute the calculation and open the Ursula, just unmark the "show bitmap" option in SOFISTIK/LAYOUT SETTINGS/LOGO.

I believe that is the easiest way to remove the logo from your printout.

josmmg, where did you find a working cracked sofistik23?
To seb3k:

Try this:
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