Simillar User Names
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Simillar User Names
I have notice that some users are using to similar names as existing ones.
Sometimes the user names are as trademark especially when he/she is to active in the forum.
I do not like when someone will register with name that is to close to mine.
I do not know if this example is accidental or is with some purpose but is not right to steal others ideas.

The new member with name "BennyK" has to similar name as our old user (at the moment he is protector) "BennyP".

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Thanks for oppening the discussion dear Igor. I could not agree with you more.

And not only it is dissgusting when someone do that, but also I am more suspicious here and will have to tell that it smells a lot to Akovalis... Coincidentally this happens when "Degenkolb" (aca Akovalis) has been just banned for the 1000th-time, coincidentally the name is almost the same as the irreplaceable BennyP, and the figure (avatar) is quite similar or at least it ressembles somehow the same image.

As for me, BennyP has proven to be very smart, so I guess he has realized by now what we are discussing here.

Dear BennyK, if you are not akovalis, try to avoid this and consider changing all that stuff in respect to BennyP. At last you said you are a newbee, while BennyP is one of the most experienced and respected moderators of this forum.

If you are akovalis (and I bet you are), why is that attitude towards the forum and other guys around here? I know you don´t like BennyP, so what? I don´t like a lot of people around my workplace and still socialize with them; even have clients that I don´t really like, but still manage to keep providing my services to them in the same way I do with the rest of my clients. You have to learn also in this profession how to interact wth people and behave in certain circumstances. This is not you getting married; I am sure that you choose your girlfriend carefully as you expect to live with her probably the rest of your life. You have to be together in both good and bad events in life. But that doesn´t apply here. I f I don´t like someone comments, fine, that´s my problem, but I don´t try to make a mess because of that. You also say you are a professor, so dear friend you will find a lot of troubled students in your academic life and will have to learn how to handle that.

Final comment: It is not nice that you are trying to make a mess everytime you find BennyP in your way. You are deeply involved in the study of nonlinear analysis and PB-Design, and I guess you have a lot to share with the fellow members of this forum. And I am sure you woukd be more than welcomed by everyone here, even BennyP, if you give a thought to this comments and change a bit your attitude towards whatever it is not of your like.

Best regards,
Information is not knowledge.
Albert Einstein
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Akovali this user ?
I don't think so.
If i like this similarity ?
No, but every one can choose a user name when registering if is not used by other.
If is strange ?
I agree and i will try to know more about this user.
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