Problem in Deflection Limit ( ETABS) Help!
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Problem in Deflection Limit ( ETABS) Help!
Hi guys
I have a problem with the value of Deflection limit in ETABS for Steel design.
As you see below there is a picture of perfrences tab and its is value.
In yellow mark all the value are as i need it for deflection limit.

[Image: 16kt0fp.jpg]

But as you see below after analysis and design the limit for deflection control are same for all type of loads, even its equal L / 472 ( 25.4mm) !!

[Image: 2wgulaq.jpg]

So where the problem is ? please someone help me!

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  • levanduy
Just read the values in your input table, below your yellow cloud of first fig. This govern the design
DL limit, abs = 0.0254
Super DL+LL, abs = 0.0254 .....
It is in meter. (25.4mm)

You have to modify these values.

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  • abaskar, hamzeaziz
Another question, there is 3 types of deflection check in view/revise overwrite which are:
Ratio , Absolute and Both ,So which is more important Ratio or Absolute deflection ?

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