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(1) Cracks from our VIP forums are published at other sites. I saw our PERFORM 3D crack published at another site. VIP members shall be requested not to publish that.

(2) TENTEASTE has contributed two great cracks to the forum : SAP2000 V14 and STRAP 2009. Some other cr**rs are downloading this cracks from our forum and publishing it with their names. I think this really discourage him.
I request ADMIN and MODERATORS to allot VIP or equivalent post to TENTEASTE, seeing his contribution to our forum. If he is able to put his contribution in VIP section, outsiders may not misuse it. ADMIN and MOderators may decide to put his contribution to general forum if they wish.
Plz note i am not favouring anyone, but i tell what i feel is better to our forum. FInal decision will be of our ADMIN and MOderators.

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Dear Brothers,

I think its depand on he/she's behaviour as VIP member to commited the rule.
My Opinion, every VIP member has different Serial Number (activation code) for running the VIP Software.

Like our member "hussein" do on his file:

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Tentaeste is a gentleman AND a great cr**r
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Pls dun. I understd aslam frustation here but to put these cracks in VIP section will leave us (non VIP) in 'poorer' state. I am really amatuer in computer stuff but i try my best to update my knowledge in it. I just so call found this forum to be a place where i can safely rely on (where i can see ppl really make effort to help each other without any agenda).

If u can, pls dun make another barrier for me. Its alr now a few vip section where i cant enter. And i dun c myself as a VIP member as well due to my computing knowledge (i cant get my computer formatted myself) and my connection here (drop very freq, that make uploading a horrible task, downloading as well).
concrete solution advocate
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this is very bad that someone publish our exclusive program to other forum.
we found them soon & banned them...

we are very busy these days & our internet connections in iran is very slow these days. when these problems solved we do some change on our site...

this forum is a free place to all civil engineering in the world that they can found what ever they need here ...
this place will be grow if you want & observe rules ...

thanks from all members that observe rules

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