Positive vs. Negative Reputation
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Positive vs. Negative Reputation
Dear Admin, Moderators and all others

1. I've noticed that some people (even I perhaps) on the forum write nonsense. They are posting unnecessary thanks and they constantly offtopic and spam. It's great for someone to know that he/she/it is doing something great but it's frustrating to read a thread full of thanks until you get to something that is useful to you. If there are positive reputations, why there are no negative, BUT that kind of negative reputation, which gives only the administrators and moderators in a way to delete useless posts and write a negative reputation, and explanation for it. So, for example, 10 negative reputation follows bann or some kind of warning to the member (even if that member is I). I think that's the only way that people learn to read the forum rules and stick to them.

If anybody wants to say thanks/ excellent/ good_posting/ have_a_great_day/ etc., please use the THANKS button.

2. Same thing on writing not_english. I understand (not every thing) when someone write on spanish but why write spanish or other language when everybody write english. My mother tongue is croatian and i'm not good in english, but if I can use some of Internet dictionaries if I can't remember some of words so can others. Try google translate, eudict, etc. Google is your friend!

(If extremely needed i would try my best to translate this post to any other language just to be understood by all others no_english_understanding_people) ;):D

3. Just one more request (if possible) - is there a way to delete/ remove empty pages in threads? For example in the thread
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after 7th page there are few empty pages.. Can they be deleted/ removed in any way?

Sorry for my bad English and I'm sorry if I offended someone. Thanks in advance for understanding my problems and suggestions.

Best regards!
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hi Grunf
sorry for delay...

1-we are agree with you, we explain this tools for user in a topic, but user must be do this, if someone have bad activity give him negative,
we tell to all moderators that delete any thanks post & warn to user, we put thanks button for this purpose,
if you or other user see not useful post you can report it with report button. [Image: postbit_report.gif]

2- in main forum original language is english & any post that not english must be deleted.
we have " Other Language", upp to now we add FARSI to this section, if anyone can moderate other language tell me to add other language...

3-no page of this topic is empty, in some topic when moderators delete useless posts, we have empty pages, this problem is from MYBB script, we will try solve this

thanks for you suggestion

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