for A4 Soil % compaction
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[Request]  for A4 Soil % compaction
Any one tell me about A4 soil minimum % compaction recommended by AASHTO, I think it would be 85%. m i correct or not???

kindly correct me, if you can.
A4 icontains some fine grained soil patrticles but still it is considered course grained soil and vibro-roller compaction equipment should be used to compact A4 kind soils-landfiil. However, It does not matter that you have A1 or A4 soils to compact, all compacted fill should be required at least %90 or more percentange for Relative Compaction Ratio (RC). My answer is 85% is not enough value..

Dear hingorjo,

AASHTO M-145: Classification of Soils and Soil Aggregates for Highway Construction Purposes

Section 7.1.1 : Materials falling within groups A-1a/1b; A2, A3, A4 and A5 are satisfactory as subgrade when properly drained and compacted under moderate thickness pavement (base/ surface course) of a type suitable for the traffic to be carried or can be made satisfactory by additions of small amounts of natural fillers or binders.

For Subgrade (top of embankment ) - 95% of MDD( Max. Dry Density)
Subbase/Base - 100% of MDD.
Surface - 100% of MDD.

Hope will answer your queries.



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“We are prisoners of a necessary cause.”
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