Civil Technician Diploma + ? = $$
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Civil Technician Diploma + ? = $$
Hey guys....

I am a student from South Africa who studied towards a National Diploma in Civil Engineering. In other words Civil Technician. Some of you might know it is pretty hard to assure yourself a good future in South Africa. You really have to walk into the right opportunities to make something of yourself in this country. So I finished my diploma and was under the impression I will at least make enough money to enjoy life a bit. After rent, food, car installment and a bit of party over the weekends you having nothing left of your salary.

What can I do as a Civil Technician to assure myself a better future? I am working at a consulting firm at the moment. I must be honest I don't get a lot of experience here and bigger companies doesn't want to hire because you don't have the required experience. Feels like my hands are tied here. If anyone got some good advice I would appreciate it. I am busy with my B-tech to become a technologist. Hopefully that will help a bit. Which other short courses can I do that will help me a lot? Autocad for example?


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