Tonnage Estimation for steel structure.
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Tonnage Estimation for steel structure.
Hi All,

I'm a new member here. I just wonder any GURU out here who are very experience in estimating steel tonnage for building.

For example contractor will do estimation of total steel tonnage of a factory base on architect layout, say 15ton/m² etc. inclusive column, rafter, etc. Or is there any estimation software or formula out there?

Thanks in advance.
Each contractor is having his own thumb rule for estimation of tonnage depending up on the type and use of building.
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Depending on the height, use of building, structural system each designer, contractor can appreciate the steel quantity. Obviously, it is an approximation, based on the past experience in similar projects. However, usually the estimated quantity doesn't include the welds, but includes an approximation for the weight of bolts, nuts and washers.
I saw an Australian who really did a 30m span, truss @ 5m spacing with slope ceiling some more. Weight ratio is just 8.5kg/m². This kind of weight ratio I usually see it in lightweight truss for span < 12m.

It's really challenging in estimating. I think this ratio is important to cross check engineers design as well not only important for quotation and lobby for jobs.

Just wonder any GURU out there willing to share their rules of thumb. Or is it more appropriate to get it in m run/m² then we work forward? Just my thought.
Normally for Piperack its 20 kg/m3.
for technological structure its 40 kg/m3.
What i use as a building contractor

masses of common steel structures
estimating handbook by D.C. Fortuna, chapter 5, page 11

W=PSL/45{1+[L/(2.76 sqr S)]} for steel strusses

W=Pw Sc h/45{1+[h/(2.76 sqr S)]} side steel framing

W = installed mass in kilograms
P = truss capacity in kg/m^2 of horizontal projection
S = bay distance betwwen steel trusses
L = truss span in meters
Pw = wind pressure against vertical wall i kg/m^2
Sc = column (panel support) distance in meters
h = column (panel) height in meters


purlins, cleats, sag rods, bracing struts, collectively from 7kg/m^2 to 20 kg/m^2 of projected area

Ridge ventilator, others to be treated separately
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Here you can find some figures for different constructions.
Unfortunately it is in German, but I didn't find anything in English. It is for cost estimation, but there are some guideline values mentioned (kg/m2 gros). You will be able to translate these few words you need into English.

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