CivilEA Up-loaders Team
how about to have up-loaders Team
team uploads the links that dead or Mirror of links
with same password for example
or extensions
regards kamran
Kamran via HP :)
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I agree with Kamran. I would like to suggest another idea related to the above one. To the threads where are download links (almost all of them) a new box would be useful. A box – attached to the original, first post - which contains the links and can be modified (replace dead, add new..) by the members of uploader team. If the query is fulfilled the moderators could delete the requesting post (the uploader could mark the post to check and delete by moderators) to prevent the hundreds of thousands of new posts like dead links, mirror links, etc… and keep clean and well-organized the threads. I know its more work to the moderators, however they do not have to bother with reuploading old files.

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Thanks for your contribution, rusty!

My point of view:

1- I still do agree with kanram! This is a great clear opportunity for members that wish to be more participative, and, considering a student, not experiment yet or not fluent in English don't see other alternative. (As a matter of fact, this alternative has always existed!)

2- For me, only moderator can made changes in any post. I don't agree to open for non moderator!

3- Mirror links and new links are useful because of the volatility of the links free file-sharing sites. It is always important to have many options;

4- The criteria for scoring and competitiveness adopted in this forum boosts you to create again and add new posts instead of edit an existing one! I personally do not agree with that, it stimulates an excessive number of responses over the issue (I am not proud of having already done a lot!). So I think we should think of a way to score is the issue of dead links and new additions, without having to create new reply!

5- I think that create a button like: "report dead link" it's effective and enough! The report goes directly to moderators and add a note in the thread. We need more opinions and mature this idea, and see if it's possible to add in the program.

6- This isn't more work for moderators! This is ONE of moderators responsibility!


Dell Brett
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Thanks for sharing your opinion Dell Brett.

In my concept the uploaders could access only to the download links, not the entire post. They are trusted members and selected by the moderators, like another group. I know that with this concept is tough to become an uploader for a new member or without any post. Probably it won’t work.

4- I totally agree with you. I still think that updating, and adding new links in the original/first post makes easier to find files, and reduce the number of useless posts.

Modification of my first idea: Based on the “report dead link” button, if you click that button a window pops up and you have the option to add mirror links, then a moderator can update, add links to the original post.

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Good ideas Dear Dell Brett & rusty
i agree with Dell Brett to how "report dead link" button instead off useless posts
and what about that , we post new links or mirrors in closed topic that no need to post any more reply by other users?

Kamran via HP :)
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i`m agree.

in first step we must see whom of you can help us?

any user or moderator can make mirror from links or upload files tell here. we`ll make new group called "Uploader" with special permission. we need at least 10 person.

any of you? :pilot:
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I'm ready to upload :gamer1:
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I'm Ready to be a member .
for files less than 100 mb
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Me too..Im willing to put extra time in my free time in uploading some mirror links..
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please tell here your upload speed too.
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