New Programming Discusion Section
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New Programming Discusion Section
Dear Admin,

For a long time I am using this forum and I have notice that there are users who are doing programming (writing own subroutines). Also I am having many open source subroutines/programs and I do not know in which section to post them.

I would like to suggest you, surely if could be implemented into civilea forum, to be opened a new section under software topic named as "Codes" or other name where users can share codes.
I know that there is a section "Engineering Spreadsheet" but I think that is not appropriate place for this propose.

I know that for professional programmers there are many forums and of course I am using them. This is hard request because the topics that Civilea forum is dealing with will be too wide. But I think that such a section should exist.

I do hope that other civil engineering programmers will support my suggestion.

Thanks to all,
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Dear Igor

I appreciate your initative,I do agree that programming codes(subroutines) need a equivalent status to drawing forum and calculations.

It is very important recquirement to have a programming forum, or atleast a subforum and lets look the section in new light and give its due weightage

Thanks & Regards

Anup S
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There is a "software" section in the forum.
And, YES, this section is not only for руrаtеd commercial programs!
Yes, there is topic a "Software" and under this topic there are many sections.
No one of this section is right place for posting source codes.
So my Idea was to be opened a new section for posting a free source codes.

It seams no other in this forum is interested in creating a new source code section.
So most of the members are only interested as ynopum said in using the non licensed software.

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i welcome igor's suggestion as a CAE programmer my self , it will be great to share our codes civilea members
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I'm very junior, but I can't agree igor1234 anymore

Life is Nonlinear
i think sharing the source code is a good point. I my self want to share some Visual Basic tools codes. So why not create a separate section for CIVIL ENGINEERING / NON CIVIL ENGINEERING PROGRAM SOURCE CODES. so that if any body makes a program, he would be able to share it with other users for improvement, suggestions.
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