How to protect a LINK
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[How To] How to protect a LINK
Our forum has had some cosmetic changes, and a button to protect the links is a little harder to visualize.

the best way to protect a link is to use our POSTGEN, even though for responses to postings or text only (with links - use links field)

So, if you'll use QUICK REPLY, there's a short new tutorial to "how to PROTECT LINK". Let's go:

1- Write your message (or paste), including your hyperlink (see example below):

[Image: 66880245872647114102.jpg]

2- Highlight the link (press the mouse left button and pass over the cursor);

[Image: 62597452747409290319.jpg]

3- Press the "Insert formatted code" button:

[Image: 93034906364931783642.jpg]

4- This must be the appearance of the text now:

[Image: 69187033823969741404.jpg]

That's all folks!

Any doubt, please fell free to contact us!

my best regards for all

Dell Brett


All links which were posted in forum must look like below:
Content of this section is hidden, You must be registered and activate your account to see this content. See this link to read how you can remove this limitation:

Preview your post, if it doesn't look like above, don't post.

Attention: Protectors

I propose to revoke post permission to users who always post transparent link until he/she can post protected link in Protectors' Profile Comments.


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