Experience discussion
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Experience discussion
Dear broad,
Due to contributing to our forum, I have a suggestion that can our forum has a experience discussion topic. I do not have many books that are profitable to you guys because my country 's language is Vietnamese.
I just have my own experience and I often like to chat chit with my friend about the problems in real working. For example, I resolved the cracking building, that used post-tension beam. or some smaller building for single family (house-i do not know how to express exactly the term of it).
I see that our forum have free discussion, but it is so broad and miscellaneous. I hope we can have somewhere to share our real working if it is possible.
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Hi all,
It is great idea to include experience discussion in our forum. Sharing experince with others has got upmost inportance in Civil Engineering.Also I have a suggestion to include repair and remedial section as separate title.

That's a great idea,and your efforts are highly appreciated.
Engineering is all about knowledge + theory+experience,so that will be v.useful to many of us.

Have a nice day.
this forum is based on experience discussion, we are planing to improve experience discuss here.
user gives more points in experience discussions. ebook & software not primary material here.

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Wonderful idea but not sure a realistic idea. Most of our users want books and software and this is the reason the moderatores are for those sections mainly.
The real problem is most of our users don't speak and write a good enough english (the moderators too) and the result will be thousands of users with a very little minority taking part to discussions. And if they will be more (i don't think so) i want to see the moderator reading every post about every engineering subject and checking if someone don't put some stupidities or a page from the Golden Pages in the middle of a very high level discussion.
We have to day the problems, software problems and free discution sections and only a few number of users use them (usually two or three sending the ball from one to each other) and for a very little number of subjects. All the daily discussions don't fill the place of one of Chigozie posts (i think the only good english speaker loving discussions).
Anyway in this case i will stop to post software and i will begin to discuss but the only problem will be to find an interesting subject and the proper words.
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