Becoming "Active"
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Becoming "Active"
I've been coming to this forum for about a year on a regular basis however I am still not classified as being active. I've also shared some stuff but nothing yet? Is there a some sort of hurdle for becoming one or a point system in place for reputations?

Thanks in advance

Kind regards
I am not the "Admin" or "Moderator" but I assume that is because in one year you only have 11 post, less that 1 post for month. I don't think that anyone can consider that as "acive user".

All the best
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active user means that user participate in discussion, post useful material, answer to other user,

all of we are engineer, & don`t know all things, we are here to share our knowledge...
1 years register here & have only 11 post is very low but it is better than other user that have no post ...
I explain more soon in related topic ...
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