Impose Restriction on Browsing Time
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Impose Restriction on Browsing Time
Impose Restriction on Browsing Time

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Due to rapid popularity of the site, there are many users now accessing the site simultaneously and thus causing traffic jam! It has become difficult to access the site easily. As far as the contribution to the site goes, it is my observation that only a handful have been contributing consistently and many are just here to make use of the free stuff. To make the site accessible to all registered users I propose the following:

1) Restrict the browsing time to 30 minutes/day or 60 minutes/day to all users.

2) Allocate browsing time to users based on their contribution, which can vary from 5 minutes/day to an hour/day or something like that. Those who have not contributed will be given only 5 minutes/day to browse the site whereas active contributes can browse up to an hour a day or so (moderators can come up with a criteria).

3) Since it seems to me that most non-contributing users are here only to avail the free stuff (many do not even have the courtesy to press THANK button), I suggest a minimum contribution of $1 dollar/yr. I understand that CivilEA being a site for posting 'non legal stuff' this may be little challenging but I am sure moderators can come up with a way to work around this issue. I believe this will restrict the users who would like to sign up free. The money gathered can be used toward maintenance of the site or can be donated to Red Cross or other voluntary organization.

I would like to know others thoughts on this.
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I do not agree with limitation of time of browsing, we all in this group must be equal.
I propose idea, member who do not visit this group more than 2 or 3 month the membership will be deleted , I think it will be more fair.
I'm new member in this group joint less than 2 week ago ... I try to be active but my posting deleted by moderator ( 2 of my posting deleted ) ... plz ... I try to be active ... plz moderator do not delete my posting again.

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