Mentioning of Access Date for Links
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Mentioning of Access Date for Links
Dear Friends,

I would like to introduce the necessity of mentioning the access date of the links, we are providing with our threads in the forum. Since I have joined in this great forum, I am observing that many of our members are mentioning, these links are dead, those are not working etc. etc. But the truth is those links were working at the time it was published in this forum. It is proved because some of our members got help from those links and hit the THANKS already.
As time passes, it may not working due to sevaral reasons such as removal of files by uploader, or complaint received by the uploading agency etc. etc. So, if anybody tells those links are not working for the former post, it does bother ther person who is the first uploader of that file.
Thus, I wanna suggest to mention the access date of links during when we are uploading the files in the forum threads. I would like to request our moderators and members to think of this issue. I hope it will work, if we include in our forum rules during publishing of threads.

"Downstream is Weaker"
Thanks for your suggestion, dear ska51, Make sense if it´s reported directly to the moderators and the former post...
But, let´s think about:
1- It´s will be another rule... I do believe that we have enough rules to be easily assimilated by any new (or not too new) member...;
2- If this type of advise is only directed to the moderators/former, other members will not know that the notice has been given and the news can be highly repetitive..
3- The most important: Anyone can help with a new link, as soon as hi know that we have an dead link!

Most of dead link are consequence of inactivity (no download) for a determinate period of time! Most of all deposit share file hosting works in this way!

Kindly regards

Dell Brett
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